The Level Playing Field

The servants of The Mystery School come together in service of humanity. In this wise, the Source of All Creation may send images, impressions, thoughts and energy to the participants, in order that the discussions and interactions that follow unfold and develop the messages from the Oracle in ways that all may take up and understand. All sit at the table, and just as all (listen) (read) (absorb) (understand) (take up) the same web page, the information is disseminated to different levels of the human person – and the representatives of the other worlds who attend these sessions, as the Source reveals during the work.


We all sang Om and gained complete harmony. We called upon God to make his presence and he indicated through the Oracle that he wanted to speak.

We had already meditated and received a question for each of us:

  • Jacqui: saw very strong Light coming to Earth and asks about it. “Is there a 2nd light?
  • Valerie: had a dream the night before about the green ring that Sai Baba had given to her and in the dream it had turned white. She asked, “What was the message?”
  • Jill: Had some doubts about her question: for she saw Dinosaurs and footprints of Dinosaurs.
  • Jacqui: Asked another question for a friend: Has Christ come in the flesh?

The Oracle: God from the Source of All Creation: Through the Oracle, made it known that the Highest Order was present.

Group: We asked first if there was a message for us.

The Source: (God) “It is I God, and I speak with great love to the three of you. I am very pleased you are here gathered today. The message is a strong one in what you have been feeling; in that the energy is coming from the Source of All Creation is coming more from God, God the Creator of All with great Light and this is filtering through in a much stronger energy onto your planet Earth. It is coming through a core of suns that exist in other universes – in this universe itself and into your solar system.

The Source: (God) The core of suns are in alignment with the suns that leads to the core of all creation. I want you to know this because it is a strong line or link for all upon this planet. That is why it is shaking things up (if you like) or people are feeling the presence and are a little overwhelmed … in many different ways. Some feel sad, some feel happy, some feel uplifted, some feel sick, some feel worried, and some are not sure what is happening but they know that there is a change – and it is so.

The Source: (God) So My Dears, through you, I would like to get the message out to everyone – to be aware of this energy now linking like a string through from the core from the Source and onto your planet. And it is bringing with it a new energy of the uplifted Consciousness of the 5th dimension.

The Source: (God) I call it the 5th dimension which is a frequency that is aligned with Christos or Christ. This is the level playing field that the planet will operate from now on and as it raises within that dimension it will bring many, many points of knowledge and understanding – The people will forget what has been in the past and allow a new form of strength, polarity and confidence.

The Source: (God) I hope this has given some understanding. Thank you My Dears.”


The Level Playing field allows all life to take up the energies of the 5th Dimension; it also allows everybody to play, to participate free from the chains of the past, with new strength and energy …



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