Jalarm speaks of Creation and the Journey

multiversesJalarm (pronounced Yalarm or Yalum) talks and explains that there are really no differences between humans and extra-terrestrials. All have come from the ONE Source and possess that Source. Jalarm (again) tells that there are no judgements about the journeys souls take, with form, or without form. Jalarm addresses God-beings and how they are present; the three different aspects of the Source of all Creation itself that is a thread that holds all of the created worlds and universes together and enables infinite renewal. Yalarm illustrates how everyone, everything, has the Source of All Creation within themselves.

Yalarm: It is I Jalarm: I Understand your difficulty in you understanding us as extraterrestrial – we come in many shapes and form and appearance in the extraterrestrial – but there are really no differences in the thinking of the Earth being – the human – some are evolved – some are not; it is the same with the extraterrestrials – some are evolved – some are not – and there is a Hierarchy as we have already explained. And from the extraterrestrial point there is a Source of All Creation. And it is true, it is an energy, it is a force. It has a hidden aspect – one of Light that is also an aspect of Creation.

From there – there are beings that come forth. There are many, many, many – and as I have said some went forth in exploration others remained on track and sought advice from the Source always. And so you can see, perhaps quite easily, where there was separation. You could say that some were fallen, but not really, they chose to go a different way. They chose to make their journey in a way that was from their own choice whereas from the God Source it was always overseen with advice and knowledge of the actual being of the force.

If that makes sense? (We said Yes)

So, that was a long, long, long time ago. Long before your planet, long before your solar system it was creation of creation. Those few words were begun in the so-called bible that you have. But you have come to think about that, separating from that, not being influenced any more and allowing yourselves to be influenced from the true source of Creation of All.

So Yes, it is an energy, it is a force, and it is of Love. When I say Love I mean it is caring, it is not destructive in the sense that it is destructive to hurt, but rather is destructive just to get rid of the unwanted – otherwise it would be a total mess. It is like someone cleaning up your house – if you did not clear away the dust, it would just build up and take over. You understand?

So there has been apects of shall we say, the God Force that has been presented as three aspects. And that was:

  1. The Creative Source,
  2. The one that holds that energy to allow the creation and destruction to take place because it is always there, and
  3. The force that destroys. It is not to hurt people but to just break down and to eliminate unwanted or to change the heaviness of the unwanted so that it is held.

Nothing is ever lost. This is from the Source of All Creation and they have Beings that have been evolved from that point and gone on to be a what you could say is a God Being —one that controls everything —but not for power but rather to assist, to assist those who have taken a different journey or exploration and another to just hold on to the Force so that all peoples can be developed as it is meant to be.

There is no wrong or right, I would like you to realise and remember that always – no matter what dimension you are consciously connected to. There is no judgement from the Source – you are your own judge.

water and fire

So when the human was enchristed it was to try and bring balance to all beings that had been created; to find a balance and to hold a source of love and compassion upon this planet. This is a long time later. So for you to look at another, as Sai Baba has always taught, to find the good or God in everybody. Because there are aspects of their mind that is still influenced from other worlds or other lives that they have lived that tend to get them to pull away from the God Source within them. It could be the force of fear, it could be the force of not knowing or remembering what it is that they were fearful of and so they do not make that choice, because it was unknown. The thing is, that they are all God Beings – some of the mistake (from their own point of view) to make a decision that is not good for them or for others around them. And so, sometimes they do bad things, or negative things. But they are still God Beings, they have made a decision that is not good for all. This is the opposite to make a decision that is good for all. It is that simple.

There are beings that have come to understand – make a decision to the point where they are all knowing and so you could call them God Beings for they would not dream going or making decisions that are not good for others. They hold the energy of love and compassion in them. Which is the force that comes from the Source of All Creation.

It is a choice, it came from the Source which is ONE and then it separated. And then there has been continual separation down through time and energy throughout.

And so was there a point you would like to ask about God or a God Being – you are asking about a presence that could be looked up to – or – be of a presence that is all knowing, all loving, and all compassion. And that would be from the God Source. I can tell you there are Beings like that – but they mirror the very thing that you are within yourself. Which are God Beings. You are that. Everybody is that. You have been enchristed. There is room to grow, that is true. But the connection and the energy is there within you. It is there. And it is in your Soul and it is in other Beings that you are connected to in other worlds. There is no limit. It is difficult to actually describe everything—but I can assure you that you are a God Being —in other words you have the Source of Creation within you. If you did not – you would not be alive. You would not have the Life Force in you. You would not have the Light within you which helps you to understand and to lift the consciousness of who you are. You could see yourself just a consciousness only without any form at all and you would be closer to the Source. If that makes sense? But you have a choice to become a Form of some sort. I will leave you to think about that. And now I think it is time to close and God Bless you my Children. And I am so glad you have offered your time to be with me this morning. Thank you.

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