Balance: End of the Dinosaurs – Coming of the Moon

Deep FieldIt is the 9th of October and once again, the Mystery School meets in the Southern Highlands to work with Jalarm and The Oracle and learn more of the history of the Earth. In this session, Jalarm tells that Earth was in a different place – from what it is orbiting the Sun now – and this adjustment is related to the demise of the Dinosaurs and the raising of global temperatures. Dinosaurs were created by races doing genetic engineering without the blessing of the Angelic Realms – the Source of All Creation. Jalarm describes the climatic conditions briefly, and indicates that the Moon was brought from elsewhere to bring further balance to the Earth in its orbit and seasons.

Yalarm:It is I Jalarm, and I am very pleased to be with you girls and to know that I am welcomed.

I have looked forward to this meeting – and you are feeling I would like to speak with you and I would. I will accept questions of course, but today there are many things that I would like you to think about. So you might like to make notes about this and then we can continue with our work.

Our work, by the way, is significant and it is coming from the TRUTH. It is coming from how history really is upon the Earth. And it is necessary at this time because there is a lot of misunderstanding, miscalculations and misrepresenting of what really took place upon this Earth.

It is time for your mankind to understand and know that there was a lot of activity on this planet (that we as Starpeople called Mu) and there was a lot of coming and going of Starpeople upon this Earth – and a lot of civilisations established on this Earth, even though they were not – shall we say – the humans, the Earthlings as we now call you.

For now the planet is in the hands of the Earthling and the humans and that is an energy that is a little different from a lot of the people who visited the planet before.

In the Old Empire (and I have said all this before – but I am just rounding up my introduction) in that the Old Empire was a time of beings upon this Earth – again from the world of the stars – but were not quite connected to the Source of All Creation. Although, they did experiment in genetic engineering and they created the World of the Dinosaurs that existed upon this planet.

Now I am going to ask you, if you would please ask more about this particular situation of the creation of the dinosaurs upon this Earth and knowing that it was influenced by Reptilian race that existed upon this Earth.

Indigenous cultures, or civilisations that are human know this because they have been given the information in an esoteric way – in shall we say – a telepathic way because they have ready communication with the Starpeople. The Star Worlds.

So please ask your question:

Jill: Well, the dinosaur time does really fascinate me – and I think we did touch on it earlier that they ate themselves out of existence because of the need for more food – more trees – I am really interested in finding out more about the dinosaur times.

Valli: asked also if this planet moved into another place before in that time of the dinosaur existence on Earth?

Yalarm: It is Jalarm again and we are talking about the creation of the dinosaurs that existed upon your planet … and Valerie was thinking and wondering if perhaps the planet before the time of Mu … was perhaps in a different position at another time. And I would have to say that it was.

This is a long, long, long time ago before your solar system was in a position of planetary circular around the sun. If that makes sense. However, it was your solar system and in the moving of your planets into the position that it is now – around your Sun – the energy has changed and so the dinosaurs were not able to survive into the new magnetic force that was being held by the Sun itself.

And so if you can understand when the dinosaurs were destroyed that was necessary to take place for the Earth moved slightly into a different circle around the Sun to allow the force of the atmosphere to change and be lifted slightly so that a different form of life in a physical body – understand I am not meaning the Earthling – to survive on this Earth.

It would grow then, into what was planned by the hierarchy as a Garden of E-den.

E-den is a sound … it is a vibration and from the lifting with that sound the formation of life on this Earth became evolved to the point that it was not just cold-blooded life on this Earth but it developed and was able to handle the energy of mammals or mammalian life (which had a warmer blood) and that also continued with other life forms.

This is all at a long, long time ago in the Earth’s evolution. If you can understand that. Is there a question that you would like to ask about that?

Jill: Well, fossilised skeletons were found here and they must be so old. Scientists are finding them and saying they are dinosaur remnants – understand I am not meaning the Earthling – to survive on this Earth. so that would all fit in what you are saying. That’s not a question, but I am sure you would want to tell us more?

Yalarm: No, it is just that I would clarify of course; what I am saying is the planet still existed regardless of its point of balance (shall we say) in the solar system. It is just that it did move, if I can put it that way.

So is there anything else you would like to ask me? (We all agreed not at this time.)

Jalarm left for a while.

We were chatting for a while and remarked Jalarm must be very patient.

Yalarm: came forth again and announced:

“I am the patient one!” (We all laughed together – and we apologised) “But I joke with you: but I would like to reassure all of you – that the existence of the dinosaurs upon the planet – yes they did exist – when they existed the atmosphere was a little different. … And so this is what I was trying to explain to you when the planet Earth was moved to a different place within the cyclic life of the planets in your solar system – it did not come from a different galaxy, it was still part of your solar system.

Moon above the atmosphere

And I know you are wondering about the Moon – and I would like to say yes, the Moon was brought to also help stabilise the Earth in the new place within the distance from the Sun. That played a role to help bring balance.

This is why, it was very dangerous, at that other time, a long, long time later when scientists that had come onto to this planet – to live on the planet – and decided to bring another asteroid to create another moon … for use to be a jumping point into the star systems … outside your solar system.

By the way – your NASA has been talking about doing this again and I would strongly advise against it. For at that time when Atlantis went down for that very reason we are recommending that it does not take place, because the 2nd moon did actually stay for a while in balance from the Sun and your planet. But then it became loose – it lost its gravity pull – and slammed into your Earth. It caused a great, great destruction upon your Earth. It almost destroyed your Earth.

So I just wanted this noted. Thank you my children. (He left again)

Valli: Notes: There are dreaming stories of the Australian Indigenous Peoples which tell of the presence – at one time – of two moons.

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