The Journey of Souls and Consciousness

gull at sea Jacqui asks Jalarm (pronounced Yalarm or Yalum) about the number 144,00 and soul groups. Jalarm tells about soul groups and the how souls are connected to a Being at Source and nurtured from there. Some take a journey of duality, some take a journey of non-duality; there is no judgement about the choices. We hear about Crystal Consciousness, the 7th Dimension and the vibration of crystals on Earth. Other questions relate to Lord Rama and the experience of young people with gender and sexual identity confusion.

Jacq: ‘What was the understanding of 144,000 – do they all have to experience the same lessons before they can move on as a group soul?’

Yalarm:‘It is I, Jalarm – it is true that there has been reference to 144,000 and the number is important. I have already spoken about the importance of the sacred numbering that exists in the Cosmos. However a group soul – yes they do exist. There are many numbers in different group souls. A group can be 144,000, that is a larger group – there can be others. The number is important because it is 12 x 12. And the number 12 is important as you have already been shown in the visit from Jesus with his diciples; the Twelve.

The number 12 is used to signify a consciousness which does exist at level 12. This is a raised consciousness and it does exist.

9 has been put forward as a number for Sai Baba and that is the end of the old; to move into the new is another 3 aspects of God; which makes 3, which is added to 9 and that makes 12. So the 12 has been around for a while and it is also known as the consciousness of crystal and many other crystals for it holds the energy and it does not lower and fall back into a different dimension. For we are working in the Plan to keep the Consciousness raised. This is important for us as a Mission for many of you to help raise the consciousness of the Beings upon this Earth – and like I have said it is not just the hu-man but everything else that is on this Earth. Because the Mother herself — your planet is raising in consciousness.

The consciousness of the crystal already exists here. There are many other consciousness levels to be raised too. And from that place people will not have to return from the journey they have taken in a soul consciousness. Now, I say this so that you understand that you are not just a soul consciousness – you are linked to a Being that is more evolved and more advanced … therefore – also the Beings that are known as the ‘Fallen Angels’ – but they do come from the Angelic Realms. They have chosen to live a journey or a life, or lives, if you like to look at it that way from a different place. From not following the inner-aspect of the self which is always there in every physical being that you have been and what you are.

Some nurture from God—the Source of Creation always—others have explored a different route. And so there should never be any judgement upon who or what one has been because sometimes they have chosen to make that exploration from just one specific life but not necessarily the overview of lives that they come from – from that Being that they are connected with.

You could say that Life in the World of Light is a play – there are many aspects that have gone out to play that journey of Life and Light – there are many, many stories out there from each soul connected to the Being from its Source.

For the Soul is like a landing point that you have come into a physical body. Does that make some sense? You speak of the 144,000 and that would be closer to the number that exists in the raised consciousness of the 12th Dimension.

I am hoping that you will come to understand and realise that there is so much separation and yet so much unity that it is hard to actually explain it for it becomes convoluted—it becomes difficult to get your head around as a human being—but it exists.

The good of … say 144,000 is not necessarily coming to learn all the same lessons but rather sharing all the different lessons and coming together as one to unite and become that one Being that you are connected to. Does that make some sense?

And so I could say that everyone is linked to an angelic Being – some have – I do not like to use the word fallen for it is not – for they have chosen to explore a different way. They have chosen to explore a different way and it is a little harder to get back to the source where it is nurtured readily from the Creation of the Source. But each Being – each Soul connected to the 144,000 group that they belong to can do this. It is much more complicated than this. But if I try to explain this, I think I will use this submission: that is helping to raise the consciousness upon this planet – and all the Beings that come – All are filtered through a Karmic Board – All are overviewed by others in other worlds to assist them in their life’s play upon this planet.

It is not for very long – compared to what and who they really are in the World of Light in the Angelic Realms.

We asked The Oracle, What frequency/dimension does the crystal operate on?

The Oracle: Spelled out 7th Dimension … Pure Consciousness of that level.

water crystal

Yalarm: I am here, we are talking about the crystal – the crystal is actually a consciousness of the 7th Dimension – it is a frequency and it was used in computers and radio in the first place. It is used many ways to lift the conciousness that was so heavy and dark in this corner of the Galaxy. This was the whole plan. And so the crystal is not too advanced—if it was too advanced it would not work very well—in fact it would explode things, if this makes some sense? So we had to find a balance. One energy that would be accepted by all the living Beings and by that I do not limit it to humans – I mean all living beings and everything in fact upon the planet. And so it is all a crystal being; Mother Earth included – it all needs to match her. This was created, as I have said, when the planet was first formed.

It was created into mass and then became solid and then became water and earth and then became an atmosphere in which many different forms of life could live. You could understand I think if I say if we brought in a frequency that was too different from what existed on this planet then it would not operate. It would not inter-act. In fact in some areas it would explode and so I think you are understanding what I am saying. Do You? (Yes)

Chris: The one we call Lord Rama – was said to be 30 feet tall. Was he a member of another race of beings? How long ago did he live on Earth?

Yalarm: He was coming from a different Dimension; like I have said there were different Dimensions and different Beings. Some came from a much more evolved place – had they came in their fullest power – again everything would explode because the Light and the density of Light would have been too powerful and the atoms would not have been able to tolerate that. Do you understand? And so Rama – yes, a very tall being when you compare to the beings that were already on this Earth – but from where he came he was not too tall – he was normal. But then there are many worlds, and there are many Dimensions and so for me to say he came from a different planet – would not be correct for it is another Universe. Very different from the one that you can see with your eyes but even with your own eyes you cannot see it completely – you need some sort of scientific object to assist you into seeing into your Universe. So I will just have to leave it at that.

Jacq: OK, that is great. Thank you.

Chris: asks about many young people now have gender–sexual identity issues; they are in bodies in which they do not relate to their gender. What is the cause of this?

Yalarm: You could say this is a difficult question or you could say it is an easy one. It depends on how you view things. If I speak from your soul consciousness it has a history of many lives that is male or female or even other consciousness beings that are physical from an extraterrestrial point of view. And so if we are referring to that which happens upon this Earth is male or female – a soul coming in could be influenced very readily from past-lives. Or a life that they have just experienced as female and then find they have been born into a male body (which only differs by one chromosome) … you would find that there could be confusion that the body growing as a male but the soul is still feeling that they come from a female body. It is in their memory and it is the consciousness that is in them. And so it is easy to understand from that point-of-view.

And then on the other hand if you look from a medical/science point of view the male is very different from a female but if you think about it there is really not much difference; it is just to do with copulating.

There is a reception and a direction into the two coming together – so that is what was created in the separation of the male and female from the physical which took place at another time in your soul history. And that goes back a long, long time and so understanding is needed – for those who find it difficult to relate in gender to the way they have evolved in gender as a being as male and they feel female they need to have acceptance and understanding … because it is possible for two souls to come together and deeply love each other and why should that be held against them if that is what they choose? For Love is the thing that is most important.

For people to feel love, to feel love for one another – to care for one another and I am not suggesting that these differences should be taken as a guideline for what was meant upon the Earth – I am merely saying that perhaps allowances should be made and understanding as to why two males show much love and affection for one another or two females show much love and affection for one another. Once you come to understand about soul history you can readily accept and see how it is possible to have that confusion. Everybody needs to act and respond to the God within and how they feel and if they come from the truth within and they feel happy and good about themselves and those that they share their affection with then what harm is that – I ask you.

Jill and Jacq: saying gently, Agreed.

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