The Original University

earthlightThe ladies of The Mystery School commence working with The Oracle and uncover their roles as teachers in a Universal school, perhaps like an Original University. Where the experience and feeling in this universe becomes our teacher. The ladies of the Mystery School are given tasks to reflect upon and discuss in common. The Source (God) gives a teaching that each and every explanation has to be given, for people think differently, listen differently and imagine differently. Light is reflected in a different manner in all minds. Hence, the need for multiple points of view when teaching and understanding of the life on Earth.

THE ORACLE – 26th July, 2016.

Group: We all joined hands and sang Om to resonate our energies and to harmonise.

The Oracle: “advised that GOD is present.”

Group: “We are here to serve God and ask if there is a message for us today.
Thank you.”

The Oracle indicated He wished to speak through Val.

The Source: (God) “I am God and I come, I come, I come. In fact I am always here – God is in everything. The Consciousness of God is in everything. The consciousness of everything is God. Sometimes it is changed. But mostly it is coming from THE SOURCE.

Why I speak like this is because there is always need for discernment for everybody that works with God. And if they feel right about it and everything about them feels happy and comfortable about it – then I am there.

I would not like to think that people give up because they do not feel right about it – because there is just a need for everyone to be sure that they have cleared their energy fields before they speak – because they live in the World of Opposites and there is a need to clear their energy field everyday and nourish it with The Source every day with the energy – the spirit energy – the consciousness from the Source of God. From the Source of All Creation.

The same as they would nourish their physical earth body with a breakfast which they start their day.

The Source: (God) This is important – the spirit is in the body of everybody. It is actually who they are, and it is connected to their Soul and the Soul knows everything about that Soul, that Being, that Personality.

And so my message today is simply to be aware – to clear the spirit everyday with Divine Light and Love, directly from The Source – if the intent is there, it automatically creates what you are asking. And that is what you are doing and what I am encouraging you to do – is to ASK for the Energy Field to be cleared and to be filled with Divine Energy of Love and Light.




Group Discussion: We have come to understand that God is asking us to meditate as the session begins and ask for a ‘question’ to be given to each of us. This means 3 questions will be asked from God who is prompting us with the questions.

Jill: Received an image of bright White, Pink and Blue Light that appears on the horizon – on the opposite side of the Morning sunrise and in the Evening at Sunset.

Jacqui: Could see a blue circle forming moving first clockwise and then anti clockwise.

Valerie: Was asked to question the meaning of “Just to Be”.

Group Discussion: We have been reminded we are playing a teaching role and that we are preparing a “curriculum” for the Mystery school – and that it leads to the Universe – the Original University. We did get the feeling each question would be about something for the ‘student’ to research and enlarge on the knowledge given. Much the same as a University Study assignment works?

(God) answers Jill’s question through Jacqui: Jacqui began speaking but noted that the most important things was one’s INTENTION.

“She could see a huge spiral of Blue Light and it was like a big hand was moving the spiral into earth in a clockwise movement. When clearing Chakras the spiral moves the other way – anti-clockwise.”

“The Light we get caught up with in the Sunrise and the Sunset is the Ida and Pingala energy. It rises up our spine in and out of each vertebrae as seen in the symbol of the caduceus used by medical healing. At sunrise it goes one way – UP – and at sunset it goes the other way –DOWN-. So it is a really significant time for human beings – and that is why we are really drawn to the beauty of sunset and sunrise – but at another dimension in our Light Body it is the best time to meditate because of that new light every day.”



 the spine resembles the caduceus used by medical healing

The Oracle: intimated God wanted to speak through Valerie:

The Source: (God)“I am God, I have been here and listening to all the conversation and it is good to converse with one another – with different points of view – for this is what comes to understanding. Maybe I should be speaking about what you are doing; for you are teachers. You are working where you come from a place where you know many of these things … but those that you are communicating to – do not know or understand all of those things.

So there is need for clarity – but simplicity – and also a pleasure and a joy of being able to share what you do know. For, all of you, have come from a place where you have been influenced and taught. By us, when I say Us I mean The Hierarchy that works with you – God – The Source of All Creation.

And so for some, the way or the path is a little different from another. But in the end it all comes from The Source which is God. It is me. The consciousness of God and the reality of the Consciousness is as, Sai Baba, has said LOVE.

And so if there is anything that comes that has not the feeling of love totally, then it is good to talk about this.

The Source: (God)Everything that anybody needs to know is available to them through their Soul Consciousness. It is a Gateway to INFINITY. SAi BABA, or whoever people want to work with and they know from other worlds, such as angels – or even a spirit guide – someone who has been close to them and has moved on to other worlds and can now speak from a much wiser point, can guide people and when everyone feels happy about that – well that is good.

For it is all flowing from the Source. It is different levels of consciousness that is true. But as people evolve – and they can evolve very quickly, it is like climbing a ladder – climbing a ladder of different energies. And all these energies have different descriptions. And so that sometimes has to be talked about when you work in this Oracle and this School. The Mystery School – The School is a Universal School – which is really the Source of All Universities. But again, not all has been clarified as – could have been.

This is what we are hoping to do – to bring knowledge in a very simple way for people to open up and work with the Infinity that is within them – that is Universal that is within them and they will gain knowledge of what is right for them. For everybody, as I have said before, is an individual – everybody is different – everybody has a different way of seeing things or expressing things.

One word may mean something to one person and something very different to another person. This is when clarification is needed. This is why, if they are studying, they may need to do research to be able to get clarity into what they are thinking about.



  like climbing a ladder – climbing a ladder of different energies


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