Oracle – 11th March 2013 – Starpeople coming and going on Earth pre Atlantis

The locked outside door opened by itself then the wine glass spelt out BABA. We knew he was here to sanctify the Oracle. Then Valerie was asked to channel.

“It is Yalarm and it gives me pleasure to be here. Sometimes the Oracle is a little confusing because if I spell out something that looks confusing it is because I am asking for channelling to take place.


Do you have some questions you would like to ask today?

Jill: (Thanked him for being with us.) Is the Sphinx in Egypt – is it a Lion body or a Jackal body?

Yalarm: “It is meant to be a Lion – a very strong Lion and in some ways a genetic structure of a Lion – and a Jackal is not that different except that a Lion has more hair. So it s true it could be taken for a Lion and it could also be taken for a Jackal. Leonine or Canine – whatever you like. It is symbolic –it is not a true Lion in the sense, it is symbolic. It meant a lot actually to the people who existed upon this planet – long before the Atlantis Fell and if I use those words I mean the time that the Earth nearly died.

It was only after the Earth started to work again, if I can say it that way, when the sun came out and more began to happen – people came out of caves – the ice melted and things were growing – up until then it was an Ice Age.

But they then revered as they saw them, The Gods as they saw them – that actually came from the heavens looking like Lion people – but there were also star people that came looking like a Jackal or a Canine.

So I have clarified that it could be either.” (We said thank you.)

Yalarm: Is there another question?

Jill: Is there a connection to the Sphinx and Lion Island here in Australia near Kariong?

Yalarm: “It is very much connected to the Lion people who came from Sirius.

I hesitate to say a date as we as starpeople have our way measuring time which is different – it is cyclic – and so it measures differently than from the Earth now. However, there was a time when the starpeople did come from Sirius. Not all that long after the time when the people came from the Pleiades. That was, in your terms, something like 900,000 years ago.

It was when the first humans were created. The starpeople who had survived … the Sirian people came to assist them because they needed help. The Sirian people were like the ‘police’ of the Galaxy. And so is there a question you would like to ask about that?”

Jacq: Did Thoth come to teach the Aboriginal race?

Yalarm: “There are two major stories that we would like to come out about the site at Kariong. It has been said, it is a little like an Alexandria to Egypt. And so it is that Kariong is to the land you call Australia now because it holds history and that history dates back nearly 900,000 years ago when the first humans were created and they were the Australian Aborigine.

There was a time for them to ‘go out and multiply’ and they did go around the world and set up civilizations with other races who were up-standing ape-like creatures and there has been an evolvement of the human in the very early stages.

Coming back to this land (Australia) it is where the ‘beginning’ took place of the humans – although they inherited DNA from the ape-like creature which is actually centred more in the land you call South Africa and would from a scientific DNA point of view cause some confusion.

For there is a need to accept the existence of DNA that is inherited from the starpeople. And the starpeople’s DNA is now beginning to come into action within the human. It has gone on for many different developments and evolvements – they are lumped in what the scientists call Junk DNA. Only because the scientists do not really know or understand what it exists for.

It is inherited from the starpeople and because you have moved into a new Cycle that can now come forth in a vibration that will help the human to develop their psychic abilities and to develop their metaphysical aspects which has always been with them … but held back to some degree … only because the vibration that they were in – what we call the 3rd dimension – was not light enough to progress into the (Junk) DNA of what they had inherited. Does this make some sense? Do you have a question about that?”

Jacq: A question. Written down is from the Emerald Tablets – Messages of Thoth through Doreal and we are asking what is the Mountain of Undal?

Jalarm: “The Mountain of Undal was mentioned in the Emerald Tablets that was recorded by Doreal back in 1930’s – it is written so that people wouldn’t readily understand exactly what it was about – for there is quite a lot of lengthy information given by Thoth. He was a God recognized by the Egyptian people as they are now – but pre-Atlantis they were very real beings.

A Bird-like being if you like, because the star people that come onto this Earth appear from many different races from around the Galaxy and the Universe and they look very different from what you see on Earth now. However they were very talented and very advanced, many of them, in technology but not so much in human values – shall we say.

The Mountain of Undal is – Knowledge…

There is a great deal of knowledge that existed on this planet that needs to come out … before the great Floods came and the time when Atlantis Fell which encompassed the whole of the Earth. So there were many little Atlantis’s around the Earth. Do you have any questions about that?”

(Both women had trouble thinking …)

Yalarm: “I know Valerie would like to know whether there is a small space ship that came from the Mothership nearly 900,000 years ago that has gone under the water near Lion Island near Kariong … AND I would say it has.

But over the many thousands of years it has been covered by SILT and perhaps not readily seen by shall we say and underwater diver. However, the new technology that is coming from the satellites – it could be picked up from there. And that is what I would like to leave open for all to think about.”

Jacq: Are you one and the same energy of Allan Agnew who came through the Oracle last meeting?

Yalarm: Says he was not. “That was just a little play of energy when you were holding your fingers on the glass – you will recognize that the energy felt differently we did this just so that you would discern about what has been happening with the Oracle.

We allowed ONE from the other side, on my side, to come in to communicate with you – because they also learn as well. It is not just on your side that the knowledge is given but also in the schools that exist in the next world. Or the next dimension. Does that make some sense? It is for the Souls who have returned from Earth that continue their learning and they are given information that helps them to develop also – ready for their return to Earth into an earth body.

But this is more as it is now … what we are asking you to do is to focus on the time before Atlantis Fell and how it was on Earth. Already we have said how very evolved it was and how many starpeople were coming and going and that the people that existed on this planet were up-standing ape-like creatures … there were also people that had part that and part starpeople genes in them and they were as you know ‘Sanctified’ – or ‘Crystallized’ with Christ Light and that made them HUMAN.

There are other interactions with starpeople further down the track – something like 200,000 years in your time that were more evolved and more genetically advanced. It becomes a little difficult to isolate each person – for that reason it is best to look upon this Earth and also before Atlantis Fell as being individual. So they all had a history attached to their DNA. Not all is the same history for each HUMAN or STARMAN upon this Earth. Does that make sense? (All agreed).

Yalarm:: Would you like to ask some questions about that?”

Jacq: When I think about Atlantis I always think about the use of Crystal – is that used for electricity or … Do you know how crystals were used at that time?

Yalarm: “Yes, it was used as Free Power … not quite the same as the electricity that you know of. It did not need LINES of Energy points going from one point to another. It was transferred in a different way. That was technology that used through the pyramids that were built upon this planet long before Atlantis went down … energy was used at various points around this planet.”

Jacq: Another question, we were talking about the grid lines around the Earth and how the starpeople came to this earth so easily … how did that happen?
How did they come from such long distances – so many Light Years and get here quickly?

Jalarm: “Actually I have just given an image to Valerie for her to see – there were no LINES ON POLES that went around the Earth to align the power or energy of electricity around the Earth … However the grid lines did just that … that is slightly under the Earth … there were patterns under the Earth that were used to spread the unlimited power that was used around the planet.

That same way of receiving could be achieved by your scientists on the Earth now – but there is a little more development needed … and this will come through because the so called JUNK DNA will develop so that they will come to remember or to inherit the knowledge and be able to go ahead and work from that place. Does that make sense?

(Need to ask Yalarm how did the starpeople arrive on earth from such vast distances?)

As I have said, there were grid lines under the Earth, not too deep, because there is a magnetic force, or crystal (very large crystal) in the centre of the Earth which actually magnetises that energy also. It can go out and interact with the envelop of energy that is around the Earth with another grid-line that exists around the outer Earth. This energy field was ‘tightened’ when Atlantis went down, so that the catastrophic energy would not go out and cause problems with other planetary systems. Solar Systems.

But now that has been loosened and opening up so that the new energy coming from the Source of All Creation is coming onto this planet through the star-gate (you could call it) … where the lines cross (as a net) and that forms a gate – a star-gate – which allows the new energy to come into your Earth planet.

And with that the energy coming directly from the Source, will ignite with each Soul … that is upon this Earth. Each animal, each insect and bird life will raise the consciousness of the life on Earth – but also the planet itself.

And in doing so – it moves into what we have predicted for a long time – as the Golden Age – when the consciousness of the Earth will match what is coming from the Source of All Creation. So does that make sense?”

Jill: Said it sounds wonderful.

Yalarm: “So in scientific terms, it is a reality – it is not understood just yet by some scientists but it will be very well understood. And once that starts to be understood … more knowledge and information will grow with that knowledge.

I would like to withdraw for the moment and allow you to operate the Oracle if you would … because there are more questions that I know you would like to ask?”

(to be continued …)

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