Oracle – March 13th, 2013 continued……

Question to Oracle: How many civilisations existed at time of Atlantis?

101,010  civilisations…..  Jalarm says different star groups are still visiting our planet at the moment.

Again we all could not think clearly. We see the need to write our questions down before we come to the meeting

Yalarm: came again for the 2nd time.

He clarified about the numbers of civilisations on Earth.

Yalarm: “There was more than one Atlantis – in what Plato talked about. Had he not given the knowledge of what existed before Atlantis went down it would have been lost. All that happened would have been lost because it was all covered with water, Earth or just destroyed.  Some things have been found that scientists do not understand and is much more advanced than they would expect from ape-like creatures living in caves. But there was much more.

A figure has been given to you about the number of civilizations that were established upon this planet in the later years of Atlantis.  Understand that some of those civilizations were formed originally from starpeople and others that have interacted with the Earth creatures – humans … … so there were many different races then that started to form around the planet. This why perhaps the number that has been given to you – the different civilizations that happened upon the Earth before Atlantis went down is a little unbelievable but … they existed just as you have many cities on the planet now.

Fewer starpeople and I say fewer because they didn’t interact with human DNA or genes. You could ask the Oracle about the number for just the starpeople themselves with no influence from the DNA from the ape-like creatures at all.

As I have said there were many different amounts, perhaps not quite the right word, but the influence of DNA of the human was different in each individual on the Earth.

People came from many star worlds.  Some didn’t stay – they just visited and left and so this is why there is some hesitancy about the number of starpeople and races that existed upon this Earth.

But I can say, that even before the HUMAN was created – before the Pleiadean expedition nearly 900,000 years ago came to settle and hold a ray of light and the human values teachings upon this planet – there were other races already upon this Earth that were more of a Reptillian nature and Mammalian Beings – there were also Beings that came and went that were Bird-like in their appearance from other worlds. They actually helped to create the Planet in the first place.

And so, as I have said, it is a little hard just to create numbers because of DNA interaction and many became brothers and sisters to each other.  So the indigenous people understood this – they have a strong knowing and understanding of the different visitations that have taken place from the Reptillian Races and also Reptoid, Draco and Bird-like people and cetaceans. They have moved on since for there was an opportunity for SOULS to come into the Human meaning Light Man … so you could say that the starpeople came into the Earth bodies and evolved and helped civilizations to grow and interact and come to know the feeling of family and marriage and brother and sister behaviour. The Indigenous People understood this very well.

And It was carried through and the humans became more stronger in the bodies of Earth beings.  There are mythologies around the Earth and each mythology you hear about now you will recognise that the influence that has come into them is from afar.  For every thing that exists upon this planet has existed elsewhere.  It was brought here to your planet in the first place.

So is there another question that you would like to ask?”

(Both women could not think …)

Yalarm added: ” If I could prompt you there are questions that are wanting to be answered from Kariong which is in your country you call Australia now.  And yes, those people were created over 900,000 years ago and they have been through many, many changes – and I am talking about the Australian Aborigine.  They did travel afar on Eearth to other places and mixed their genes with other races but they name and know that this country here that you call Australia is their beginning as I have said.  It is their true HOME in that is what they understand as their Earth HOME.

They have been through many, many upheavals that have happened upon the Earth – including the time that history records of the time of ancient Lemuria.  That is not all that long after what was known as the planet Mu, when the Pleiadeans first came here.  Although the starpeople on board that Mothership came from different star worlds also.  So would you like to ask some questions about that?”

Jill:  Says it is a wonderful story – we just cannot think of a question.

Yalarm: “The focus that would be important for the people working with Kariong and it is no accident that they have all come together, for they also have memories within their Being of a time before.  Long before Atlantis Fell.

In their minds they would like to give credence to what they know and what is in the Rock Art in that area.  The Lion Island is a very good record because it shows the starpeople did visit this part of the world.  The ship that sank and is in the memory of the starpeople is not that far from the Island known as Lion Island near Kariong.  The people have it in their Soul Memory and it is important to understand that in the Soul Memory of ALL BEINGS upon this Earth. … … History is recorded and many, many stories are recorded in their Soul History.”

Jacq:  My mind is just reeling with how many different star people have come to this Earth and influenced and I wonder about Angelic Beings   I am not sure about the question I want to ask?

Yalarm: “If I can reassure you the Angelic Realms are very real and they are the closest to God.  The Light is much Stronger and Brighter and I have discussed this before and so the vibration is very high.  Angelic Beings coming from that place onto your Earth have difficulty; in fact they cannot put their feet onto your Earth because it is too low and too slow.

However they can create a hologram and present themselves to people who understand about Angelic Realms and look like what the people expect to see if they were visited by an Angel.  Different cultures – different races that exist on the Earth now have different ways of seeing higher beings that come from other worlds, but they are also transformed into an image that makes sense to them.  The consciousness is high – it is God Like – it gives opportunity to humans to free themselves of heavier energy.”

Does that answer your question?

Jacq:  Yes it does … thank you.

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