Past Life Regression … how it works

Life and memory
In the second session of Wednesday, 2nd August, Jalarm speaks of memories, the way information comes into the soul and a little more of history after the time of the Fall of Atlantis. Jill opens with a question about past life regression:

Jill: I had a regression session with Valerie a few weeks ago and I was taken back to a life I thought was in Egypt – could you tell me if it where it was?

Jalarm: “I am here. And yes, it was an ancient time of Egypt, but it was not pre-Atlantis, when there was a great catastrophic event; pre-Atlantis, when just about all records were lost on this planet. There is more being found now and people are not able to understand how on earth certain objects or advanced technology and buildings fit in with what the known history is of this planet.

And so, your memory My Dear was of a time when there was a severe drought — it was a very hot time that was experienced in Egypt and this was recorded. And you will find it was time known as Moses. Does this make sense to you? (Jill said yes.) It was the story of Moses and how all the Jews left Egypt and part of that was because of the severe drought. Does that fit in with what you were seeing and feeling … ?

Jill: Yes, it does. It was very, very dry. Very little water. It really does fit, thank you.

Jacqui: While you are on that subject — years ago I had a past life meditation — where I saw myself in a huge black tent and I thought to myself, “This is the family of Abraham”.

Jalarm: It is real; you were there! The fact that it came spontaneously means that it has been given to you – to think about – and put on a shelf in your mind if you like – in a convoluted way and it will help you with further insights. So do this help you My Dear?

Jacqui: Yes, it does. Thank you for that.

Jalarm: This is the way we work. This is the way we like to work. If too much information coming from the Soul which is infinite – comes in a lateral way – it is given in a way that is one step after another. Because that would be reliving that particular life – and your have already lived it – and there are many other lives that you have lived and you would never be able to take in the life that was observed and what was behind it – and why the emotions perhaps had felt from it – it would be too difficult for you to replay the whole life … if you understand.

discrete memories

So there are little cameos that are played out for you. Other things will happen too; and I would encourage you to – if you feel about something that pops into your mind from a past … then look at it – observe it – there will probably be something your infinite Self or eternal Self is asking you to review, or think about, or look at it again so that you can come to terms with the knowledge that is you – or reminding you about. Maybe then everything can then be cast aside and forgotten – you do not ever really forget the memory but it may be an opportunity to deal with unhappy emotional experiences.

On the other hand, it may be an opportunity to look at a very happy emotional experience. So everything has not been sad and unhappy you have been blessed with many positive things in your lives. And these are what is creating a diamond in your heart. It is cut to a point where it shines brightly – when you have a review of these things it helps for that diamond inside to be honed and to be beautified. Does that make some sense?

Everyone says, “Yes! That is wonderful!”