Clear Perceptions: Red Haired Giants from Mars and Beings under the Earth

Giant Hand Print, Lovelock Cave, Nevada
It is Wednesday 2nd August, 2013; once again, we are back working the Oracle with Jalarm (Pronounced Yalum). We are asking questions about the recent discoveries of giant hand prints, foot-prints and the different dimensions on the Earth and the beings that live there.

Somehow the recorder was not turned on properly and so we missed a number of questions with replies channelled as an answer. Jalarm told us that Valerie would remember when she began to type the material. We intend to back-up our sessions in the future with a second recording at the same time.

Jacqui asked Jalarm: I often seem to have no clear direction on communication with you. Is there something we (as a group) should be concentrating on?

(Valerie): As I remember Jalarm replied that we mostly work with linear thinking or lateral thinking. But the Universe (both ourselves and beyond) is actually a Holograph.

AND if we work with our soul consciousness that is infinite, it can seem as though the whole Universe is Convoluted. We receive information that doesn’t always make sense, but then if we put it on, say, a ‘shelf’ in our mind, and leave it there without another thought. Sooner or later something happens and that piece of information comes forth into our mind and gives clarification or what you might call an ‘Aha!’ moment of realisation.

Valerie: Asked about a Giant Hand Print and Giant Foot Print that had been found in Lovelock Cave – Nevada. It is estimated they would have belonged to someone 18 feet tall. Native legends say a tribe of red-haired giants were burned inside – a very long time ago. Jalarm, is it real?

I remember his reply was lengthy but he said the Red-Headed Giant Beings had come from Mars. He has mentioned them before. There had been wars and major destruction on Mars and the population had to leave. They came to Earth. This was before the great Catastrophe when Atlantis fell and the severe ice-age on this planet.

He talked about relativity. On Mars the size of people were normal for that environment. It was only when they came to Earth, they found the people were much shorter. Jalarm said it was relative. A comparison was only made once they were in the same dimension as the Earth people.

A question was asked about whether the Red Sea opened naturally to the Mediterranean Sea in Ancient time? That is, long before the Suez canal was built?

I remember his reply again was lengthy. He told us that before major Catastrophe and the great Ice-Age the Mediterranean Sea was smaller. And that there had been movement in the tectonic plates also forming land bridges and allowing water to come through where it hadn’t flowed before. Much later there was a major tsunami caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that took SILT and SAND further into the Arabic belt – lessening the flow of the tributaries of water from the Nile and into the Mediterranean. The Red Sea was completely blocked. That was evidenced by the Sphinx being covered up to its neck and the flow of the Nile being re-directed.

John Barrow standing on a  landing wharf where the Nile River once flowed past the temple entrance to the Sphinx
John Barrow standing on a landing wharf where the Nile River once flowed past the temple entrance to the Sphinx

Jill asked Jalarm what exists in the Inner Earth?

(Valerie): I remember Jalarm advising and giving mental images of a time in the beginning of the ‘Old Empire’ when Reptillian people lived and the earth crust was at one level. Later when advanced Light Beings lived on Earth (and still do) it would seem they live below our Earth’s surface in places like Shambala but only because they came after the ‘Old Empire’ and before our 3rd Dimension. Again we live as humans in the 3/4th dimension and we live on a surface of Earth that seems to be above. It is all relative actually. It is only when you look from a certain place of observation do you see these dimensions separate, with an up and a below existence of frequency. They all exist in an integrated reality or what could be explained as super-imposed levels of the Earth’s surface. Everything we are told is ENERGY. Some are ‘see through’ – some are heavy. You cannot readily see through the density of the 3rd dimension.

This is why Archaeologists have to dig under the Earth’s surface to find the existence of another ‘civilization’ at a time long ago.

It is also why sometimes clairvoyants see activity leaving from under the Earth … … …

From the point of view of those coming and going is because to them the surface of the Earth is still there where they have always been. (Not in our 3rd Dimension)