Moldavite is the remains of the Mothership Rexegena

Valerie is asking: About the Moldavite?

Jalarm wanted to go back to the Oracle.

The Oracle spelt out: FAITH.

We asked the Oracle: “Is the Moldavite Stone the remains of the Mothership Rexegena? … YES!

How long ago did the Mothership Rexegena come to Earth?”

The Oracle spelt out 700,000 years … in 4th dimensional time and then: 900,000 years in 3rd dimensional time.

We asked, “Was the Egyptian Tomb at Kariong created around 4,500 years ago?

Then Jalarm signalled he wished to speak through Valerie again.

Jalarm: It is I Jalarm (pronounced Yalum). We are talking about the Moldavite Stone … it is said to come from outer space and it does. It is the Mothership – and the Mothership Rexegena was a very evolved piece of machinery. It was a highly developed technology that does not exist on your Earth even now – even though it was so long ago.

It was raised on the 8th planet of the Pleiadean Constellation.

It is Organic and the method of building it was actually growing it – growing it with the mind. This may seem a bit hard to understand but it was done that way.

And it can be done that way.

Just talking aside, I would like to say that the crystals that are growing on the Master Crystal at Satori Springs within the solar/Stargate activities, they are growing – and in some similar way the ship grew in that way also. From the result of interaction with Beings of Light and their consciousness.

Valerie reaches down to the Master Crystal at Sartori Springs; Crystal offshoots – which are growing – can be clearly seen. This crystal is known as the Alcheringa Crystal.>

So – The Mothership yes … when it was attacked it was like a nuclear explosion.

It was actually attacked and melted … melted piece by piece, portion by portion of the ship and so the ‘melted’ aspect of organic material that was used from the Mothership fell to Earth – not quite all at the same time – but almost. It was very hot of course; and as it entered the atmosphere it found its HOME around the area of Czechoslovakia – Moravia and Bohemia. The Moldavite stone and its transformational qualities have been known for a long time.

However, it was witnessed by beings who were upon this Earth of course. The rest of the Galaxy heard about it and they were very upset. The Hierarchy was very upset and so the Angelic Realms issued an order that help should go out to assist the survivors off the Mothership.

Some were able to get away, and some were shot out of the sky. Others did actually move further south, crashed and landed around the area you now call Kariong. But they were still in danger. They needed protection. They laid low for quite some time and tried to survive as best as they could. But then came some Reptilians who were very upset also about what had happened to them and they tried to assist them.
mine entrance
Further down the track in what would be 5 years in your time (which isn’t very long really), the Leonines came. Quite a few of them came to retaliate in what had happened. And so there was a war. I would say the Reptilians retreated into what I would call an inner-earth area. A slightly different dimension. They were able to do this. Which is why they mined gold – they knew how to transmute themselves.

So there was a war – but that calmed down very easily and quickly – and then the survivors went on to establish a point of Light … which was what their Mission was, upon this Earth. They ended up creating MAN with LIGHT. Man that came later with SOULS – it was the beginning of the HUMAN RACE. And this is what the Angelic Realms had decided should happen to help establish a much bigger PLAN to offer opportunity for various Beings that came from other Planets – and other levels of different dimensions of frequency (some where not as advanced as others). But there was a Karmic Board – there was situations where there were many, many Homes that were like homes, but were actually Motherships that allowed the souls to be downloaded and entered into the new babies that were born on Earth as humans.

And this has been happening ever since.

They have been coming and going and always in a Soul that is connected in its history to many different races. Each Soul is very different. Each Soul is individual. There are no two souls alike. But some Souls have actually been split and have created what is called a ‘Twin Soul.’

There are other Souls that like to come and go as a family. And they come from the ship down to the new little foetus that has just been born to a mother and enter and then grow to be born human. And then they inter-act with others who they have known from the World of Light and they actually assist in holding the new consciousness in this corner of the Galaxy – which was very dark – but is becoming much lighter with all the activity. So we shall rest now for awhile.

The Oracle spelt out OEOK 8 B and then the glass kept moving around in a tight circle – anti-clockwise. We don’t yet know what these letters mean?

Jalarm made his entrance again: I am here again and yes, there was a very advanced civilisation on the area where the refugees (from the Mothership) lived. I would like to add also – that the area was not as active as it had been in previous times. It was quite an old, old city. It started with the old empire and that was when the Reptilian and Draco held sovereignty over this planet. At least they thought they held sovereignty over this planet but they didn’t really – they just took it.

And that was allowed to develop because they, the Hierarchy, the Angelic Realms, they could see that they needed assistance to raise light and this was an opportunity, perhaps, to help them evolve. They had this grand plan all along. For a long, long time.

There were Starbeings that came also – in the time of Atlantis – and lived in that same area (known as Gosford) – so there are quite a number of layers that actually exist in that place – and it was spread out – up and down the coast – north and south – and there is evidence of this and it will come eventually – it will be found – it is the Plan.

View of Gosford, NSW, Australia. An advanced civilisation lived on the East Coast of Australia; there are layers and layers of beings beneath this region around Gosford and Kariong and other areas along the East Coast.

So there is really nothing to worry about – it is just a matter of a little time – we are prompting people – there are many working at this – to navigate the study or the research in a way so that the information will come forth. And yes, it will be known that there was a very evolved civilisation all along the East Coast of Australia.

Jacqui: Asked if Jalarm was another name for Cosmic Sai Baba?

Jalarm: He chuckled and then left.

So we decided to ask the Oracle? But the glass moved around playing jokes with us – and then drew by movement – the figure 8 and kept going around one circle and the reversed to go around the other circle. The glass kept doing it – the symbol means infinity. We kept laughing …

When we asked did we need to know? – the glass shot up to the letters NO.