Mermaids, Mammals and the evolvement of the Ape-like being

The sessions with Jalarm and the Oracle continue as questions take a turn towards guardians of the planet who moved through the waters, and held the light energy from the Source of All Creation. Other questions explore the evolution of the Ape-like being (which, Jalarm tells, was originally a cold-blooded creation of the Reptilians and Draconians), to the relations between the Ape like creature and the being known as Hunaman (Hanuman) to the Dravidian peoples.

Jacq: Thank you. Jill is curious about mermaids. Is there anything on Earth that are mermaids?

Yalarm: Again, this is different physical Beings that came to this planet as visitors and yes, they could swim in the water, they actually had a fish-like appearance – and yes and they did look also like what your humans looked to a degree. And so you could say that they were men or women that swam with a fin – under the water – and they were a race. They to helped to influence the energy that was being locked in onto your planet to help stabilize it for it did get out of alignment a number of times before the most recent time.

And so these people, again they are influenced from a Hierarchy from the Angelic Realms and were willing to work with them on a Mission to help ground the Light into the sea-beds, the ocean-beds, and so that helped to stabilize the planet. Does that make some sense?

Jacq: Yes. Here is another question. Where did the up-standing ape-like creatures come from?

Yalarm: Up-standing ape-like creatures were of many different experiments created by the Old Empire, which I have spoken to you before. They were of a Reptilian nature and a Draconian natures – they were cold blooded. They varied – many because of experimentation – there was DNA material taken from many things, or genetic material taken from many things and many Beings. If that makes sense. And so, if you are asking what was the direct line for the man that became the walking ape-like creature and I say ape-like; I didn’t say Ape – this makes a difference. Does that make some sense to you?

What I am trying to say was there were many creations, some failed and some did not – this was over (he laughed), – again I am hesitating about time – millions of years. There was a need by the Old Empire to create a Being that would be like a slave to them and to work for them. And do jobs around the planet for them. And they wanted someone to be called when they were needed and released and left to their own devices until they were readily called again.

The one that was most successful and became later MAN or further development was even later called a BARBARIAN was the ape-like creature that was developed by the Reptillian/Draconian Empire and genetic material was used by their own physical Being. They also captured physical Beings, such as the Leonine and those DNA were all inter-mixed and implanted into an ancient historical being that was very like the dolphin. It was the Manakee; it had breasts – so that when the little ones were born they were more mammalian actually than Reptillian – they were of slightly warmer blood because other genetic material was used from other extra-terrestrial Beings such as the Leonine. They are warm blooded and they are hairy and the hair grew on the babies even though the birth mothers were hairless.

The babies were born into water and allowed to float to the surface of the water to embrace the air or the atmosphere which existed upon the Earth.

They were suckled by these Manakees – who were already upon the Earth. They are very old. They are related to the Whales and the Dolphins and they were well and truly here before the Old Empire … before the Reptilians and the Draconian. They were on the Planet first and swimming in the planet to help connect to Creation of the Divine Light; a Divine Source of Life. And they still do. They still swim in the oceans to hold that energy here on this Earth and help it to maintain its balance.

Jacq: Thank you. Another question is, “How does the human fit in with the myths about Hunaman and the race of Dravidians who are similar to the Australian Aborigines”?

Hunaman, Hanuman

Yalarm: Well, these evolvement of shall we say MAN – when it became enchristed, which was later – it became a Hu-man that was a man of Light – also to help earth the Divine Source of Creation of All which was Light, Love and Compassion. These are the energies that come with that Source of Creation. These Beings were later blessed with this enchristed Light and became God-like Beings. Before that, all the experiments that took place into something that was up-standing to act as a slave – to the Draconian/Reptillian races were created without permission from the Source.

And these Beings that were created to become Hu-man it is another play of words into Hunaman which was well known to the people who lived in India. But of course the Hunaman or the Light man came long before a lot of these races had come to this planet. Some came from an evolved source and knew and understood well what had taken place upon this place and wanted also to help earth and ground the source of the Divine Light or Enchristed Light. And so these roles were taking place by many races – which I have already told you came to visit this place – some left and some stayed. The land you know as India was a place there is an evolvement of the energy of that point of the planet. Does this make sense? (yes)

We asked the Oracle about names of Angels and were given BANLL?

For a 7th Dimension Angel. We still do not understand. But Jalarm has clarified that we are now communicating from an extraterrestrial point of view and their names, numbers, time and distance is measured differently.


Valerie advised that after thinking about Manakees, she realised that Yalarm was speaking about keys, and giving her a key. Valerie tells that Yalarm is referring to Manatees or the Dugong – a race of sea mammals which hold the “key to Man”.

Jalarm usually refers to a Dugong – but he wanted us to realize that the Manakee (should be Manatee) was the ‘Key to Man’ – or the original key to man – the experiment chosen by the Reptillian Scientists to do their work. There is an confirming entry in Wikipedia:

The Sirenia (commonly referred to as sea cows) are an order of fully aquatic, herbivorous mammals that inhabit swamps, rivers, estuaries, marine wetlands, and coastal marine waters. Four species are living, in two families and genera. These are the dugong (one species) and manatees (three species). Sirenia also include Steller’s sea cow, extinct since the 18th century, and a number of taxa known only from fossils. The order evolved during the Eocene, more than 50 million years ago.

The manatee appears to have an almost unlimited ability to produce new teeth as the anterior teeth wear down. They have only two teats, located under their forelimbs, similar to elephants. The elephants are thought to be the closest living relatives of the sirenians.back

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