The Oracle

questianJacqui, Jill and myself had been invited by Cosmic Sai Baba to work the Oracle, meaning a Ouija Board as most people know it… when we said a prayer, after joining hands and asking for a blessing – we also sang 3 Oms … the wine glass spelt out the name God. Intuitively we realized the Ouija Board had been sanctified and was now in the name of God.

Then we asked who was there and the name ‘Jalarm’ was spelt out. He asked Valerie to channel him.

1st February, 2013 – Jalarm (pronounced Yalum) – Atlantis.

“It is Jalarm and I am pleased to be here. I know that Valerie is wondering if it is the same Jalarm that is on the Internet at the time of Sai Baba of Shirdi and in some ways it is – but I am coming from a time before Atlantis Fell and I want to speak of that time. I want to give you information about that time – for there has been much written and much speculation and so if you do not mind I would like to try and reduce this speculation and give you CLEAR picture of how it was on this Earth before Atlantis Fell.

I would suggest to you at times to use the Oracle – but I would like you also to prepare questions, so that when you come to these meetings and I will attempt to answer them and if I am not able to answer them clearly then I can give you a message through the Oracle. For it is the Oracle that will be able to spell out clearly dates, and names and time.

So do you have any questions that you would like to ask at this time?”

(Long silence)

“I would like to say to the three of you that you have had lives pre-Atlantis. You have been on this Earth – in many, many lives – and you have a lot of information already in you – but you also have the ability to draw upon the records that is kept in the Cosmos but also in the surrounding Ether of the Earth.

So has no one got a question?” (silence again)

Valerie asked a question: Scientists seem to be unclear of how many years ago Atlantis Fell – in a Day and a Night we believe, is this correct?

Jalarm: “This is correct and it happened My Dear 10,500 years ago although there was movement happening around the Earth before that – before it Fell.

The Ice Age started to begin before then. I would like to prompt you with questions. (We held hands again and he said he would give answers with the Oracle – we then sat in meditation for a while).

“I will put a thought into one of your minds – and then you can ask the question On the Oracle. This is just a little discipline I want to apply. I am asking you to use this to receive the information.”

Jacqui asked “What is the purpose for us coming together?”

Jalarm: “The purpose is for you coming together is to release information about Atlantis before it Fell. And as to how the civilizations were on this Earth and the abilities they had. And who they were – not just one race – but many. They were very advanced when Atlantis Fell; much of the records were lost. And this is your purpose – this is why we have asked you to come together. Does this help you?

(We said thank you)

Jacqui asks, “How can we be of service – what is the goal at the end of it?”

Jalarm: “The goal, if you are willing to do this, is to itemize the information, as to how it should be presented – and also not too much work for you.”

Jill: wants to ask the Oracle how many people were on the earth at that time?

Oracle was hesitating and then kept spinning in a circle as if it was saying it is a difficult question.

(Jacqui writes answers on paper given to and by the Oracle.)

Jalarm: begins speaking again:

“There was a very complicated range of people upon the Earth … and many had been created on this Earth and there were many who came as visitors with very advanced information – very advanced knowledge – they did many things that on this Earth now has not yet done. But they will. Certainly there was flying inter-stellar interaction. So that there were people coming from other worlds to visit this planet very easily. So you ask what was the population? And this is why the hesitation of the Oracle. Because they used to come and go. It was hard to say how many? Because some would stay – some would go. So if you were to ask of how many of the starpeople that lived on this Earth – how many were born on this Earth – then I could give you a number. This is the starpeople I am speaking of because they were not made of the earth-body.”

There were humans that were earth people who had inherited the hairy ape-like genes.  And so they are a different race also.  In fact it has been said that there was an edict that the starpeople were not to inter-marry with the Earth women – or men for that matter because of their inheritance of a lower energy; that was the reason … … Once they married they would have reduced their LIGHT and it would have gone against their whole mission of being here which was to hold a Higher Consciousness and a Higher LIGHT upon this Earth … This planet that was in this part of the galaxy which is quite dark … and that was their Mission to bring more Light and a Higher Consciousness of Love to this particular area within the galaxy.”

So does this clarify to you how I would like you to ask the question of how many people were on this Earth? There were settlers—you could say—who came to live upon the Earth and have children – so they were born upon this Earth also. They were of the Higher Consciousness of the starpeople.

Humans, that we have told you about before, were an up-graded consciousness and blessed by the Light of God – and they were upon this Earth also.

And then there were still those that had not inter-married with the starpeople and so they remained more limited in their abilities and their thinking.

Unfortunately the starpeople that were committed to this Earth did go against the edict from the Hierarchy and found some of the earth-women and the earth-men very attractive and they did inter-marry despite a request not to. It actually lowered the energy of Light in the children that were born … .but in some ways also they were children born with more abilities, certainly psychic abilities but also intelligence that was able to think very cleverly. Those children were special children really in that they were able to do and understand things more from the starpeople’s point of view rather than the Earth people.

However the earth-people were taught many things by the starpeople and so there was an inter-action of knowledge and there was also teaching that went out to the Earth people to conduct ceremonies to help balance the energies upon the Earth – to be able to receive energies coming from the Cosmos that was assisting this planet to grow and to also to allow the inter-action of visitors from other worlds. It had to be, because in that time the energy of the whole of the Planet was operating at a dimension that was ‘higher’ than what has been on Earth in the past when it Fell. It Fell to the 3rd Dimension – it is now on its way – in fact it has gone through the turning point into the 4th Dimension which will allow visitors to come now – as they did before – to this Earth planet.

So am I giving some understanding here. Would you like to ask more questions?

Jacqui: Which planet did these starpeople come from:

Jalarm: There are different names with different influences from other worlds. They were from many places actually. I would suggest you ask the Oracle. But I will clarify the information that you are given from the Oracle if you are not happy with what is given? You could ask about the different starpeople living on Earth in the different places on earth it would be good if you ask about that.

(To be continued … )

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