Planetary Healing ~ Peace and Harmony

Earth and EnergyJalarm (pronounced Yalum) introduces and gives examples of the means and disciplines for transmissions and use of The Oracle. Jalarm is omniscient and omnipresent and does not need prompting as Valerie points out. Valerie and the girls then wait for Jalarm to speak. When the message comes through and The Oracle is used more efficiently, information comes quickly. There are questions about world peace and harmony. Jalarm suggests a meeting at the full moon of each month, when the mind is at its strongest (filled with light and energy) and this energy can then be directed toward planetary healing, world peace and harmony.

Yalarm: It is Jalarm here …

(Valerie waited but nothing came … … … …)

Valli: Valerie to explain to both girls that when he comes it is … I don’t know why he is not speaking … but everything has gone blank – I don’t know whether it has something to do with my age – or whether because he downloads and then speaks and I shouldn’t have to prompt him – and I cannot remember what the question was, so I shouldn’t have to prompt him – I don’t know what is going on. Why doesn’t he just take over and start talking?

He wants me to understand something about this

Suddenly he begins speaking very strongly:

Yalarm:“It is I Jalarm, and yes I have delayed this on purpose, because I do want Valerie to understand that it is I talking and she does not have to – shall we say – prompt me. The questions that you ask are important and I would like to respond – some of the questions could be answered very easily – so If you were careful to ask very briefly … something that I can spell out … then I will do this. But if it is something that you have phrased so that there is a very complicated answer needed – then I need to speak through somebody. And so what is happening now is that I really just want you to understand that.

So that we can use The Oracle more if you ask questions – in perhaps – thinking a question in a way that a question can be answered in a Yes or No.

Or in a simple spelling out – otherwise it would take far too long on The Oracle.

But The Oracle is a very important part of what you are doing here and so I want you to just think about what I am saying – is that all-right? (We all agreed.)

So we shall begin again – I am going to leave and you are going to ask me a question that I can respond to on The Oracle. Will that be all-right?

Will there be Peace on Earth??
The Oracle: YES

How long will it be coming?
The Oracle: 8 AB

8 years after Baba?
The Oracle: YES

Does that mean 6 more years until Peace on Earth?
The Oracle: NO

It’s all about religions?
The Oracle: YES

Are changes happening because of the Age of Aquarius?
The Oracle: NO

Is World Prayer and Meditation helping in the process
The Oracle: YES (very strong)

Should we form a group and focus on World Healing?
The Oracle: YES – Intention is important.

Will there be World Peace?
The Oracle: YES; All religions, All races

Will there be Planetary Harmony?
The Oracle: YES

Yalarm:came through to add: A group and it doesn’t matter how many really, it is intention that is important. A gathering of like-minded people with a raised consciousness would do a great deal of good to preserve peace, because this would of course be the focus. And I would suggest that you do this around the crystal that is established at your place as known as Satori Springs in Canyonleigh.

This would be up to you and how you arrange it.

Valerie at the circle with the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie at the Circle with the Alcheringa Crystal at Satori Springs

There is a full month every month – sometimes two, but mostly one full moon – and if it was possible it would be good at that time – whether it be at daytime or the coming night. It is up to you … for … what is felt here in the Southern Hemisphere is also felt in the Northern Hemisphere. Energy does not just switch on and off; it is influencing over a period of time around a full moon.

It is up to you – but if you did follow the moon cycles they would differ in days and dates within the month – I will leave this to you. But prayer going out at that time or any time is always helpful for the energy that exists upon the Earth. For it is an energy and it does flow out and because of the rays of consciousness that goes with it – it will help transmute the energy that is on this Earth and so it is VERY important and a very welcomed placement of your emotions and feelings and your thinking at that time … to help your planet to reach perfection in World Peace.

Jacq: was saying she kept wanting to call Jalarm ‘Swami’.
With that Jalarm jumped in and we all laughed …

Yalarm: It is Jalarm; and I am your teacher and Swami is a word for Teacher and so you can use the word Swami if you like My Dear. So do not worry if it comes to your mind. For I have come to you not just to teach you girls. I have come to teach all those who care to listen and so your suggestion, at my prompting, for a group to meet for a Planetary Healing is very good.

Anything that suggests harmony and peace is something that needs to be prayed about.

For as I have said: the energy goes out and influences people.

Whether they realise it or not.

And so what is the question that you are asking?

Jacq: Well, another a group of people to make this thing work?

Yalarm: Once you have decided upon the venue – and once you have decided to have your first meeting you can advertise it and we shall move behind it and bring the people to you. You feel you have an alignment with others; and of course you do. There are many people on this Earth who are holding meditations and gathering for World Peace.

You are not alone here … there are many …

And so I can assure you.

Once you establish the venue, as I have said, we will get in behind you. It will then follow … you will be then prompted if you will allow us to suggest that you have an extra special meeting from time to time. And we shall get in behind that also.

And because there will be a lot involved, there will be a need for donations – or a specific sum, called a donation – it is up to you how you present it – but we understand how it will have to be paid for in this world. But do not worry – we will be behind that. We will behind everything that you do in the name of Planetary Healing and Peace and Harmony.

Yalarm: So does this help you My Dear?

(They all said yes.)

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