History, Karma and reactivating Junk DNA

blue around the earthThe Mystery School session with Jalarm continues. There are questions about India and Australia being joined eons ago, and a question about self-harm to which Jalarm shares a surprising account of what passes beyond the life. Junk DNA is the topic of conversation, and since this form of ‘limited DNA’ is inherited from the Star peoples, Jalarm gives some back history of those times and the role of the Stargates (the net surrounding the Earth) in releasing the new energies and how this energy has to be “stepped down” incrementally. Most humans have a limited capacity to cope with vast infusions of light energy from other places in the Universe. Facilitating the development of Junk DNA within the cell is also shared by Jalarm.

Jacq: said “You are asking about when did Australia and India separate with water?”

Jacq:A documentary was on TV the other night (Andrew Marr’s History of the World) and answered all that – explaining how the Earth in the beginning was one piece of land only and then separated at various times into what it is now. There are a number of resources, a book and a DVD. It was also screened on BBC One.

The Oracle: This is correct.

Yalarm: Advised that the name Valli (for Valerie) had an energy that was very suitable for Valerie to use. Sai Baba called her Val and that is connected to the Angelic Realms – but because of her work upon this Earth and the dimension that needs to go out to meet the mainstream – yes Valli is a very important name for her.

Chris: is asking about what happens to souls after suicide.

Yalarm: Through The Oracle.

It is the same as a natural death?
The Oracle: YES

Is there a karmic debt of some sort?
The Oracle: Indicated that Jalarm wanted to speak.

Yalarm: Those who have committed suicide they have actually broken their commitment to their soul blue print and that means that those that come have an agreement with the Karmic Board. And so, it is a Karmic Debit if you like.

However it is one that they need to sort out with their own judgement – nobody else’s.

But they are encouraged to either return into another body – or to re-think and learn a little more or to be able to serve even from the spirit point of view – to help others and from that experience that they have – for those contemplating suicide on Earth, they are actually encouraged to talk to them – put suggestions towards them – and sometimes they are able to save people from committing suicide on your Earth plane.

We had all been discussing about our ‘junk’ DNA and was this being lifted now?

Jalarm jumped in and made us laugh!

Yalarm: It is I, and I have been listening and you asked about the DNA and junk DNA and whether it is being lifted and YES it is, because of the new energy that is coming upon your Earth. It is coming through what I would describe as Stargates and by that I mean the ethereal net that is around this Earth that was closed tighter to enclose the atmosphere – but even tighter when it almost exploded it needed to be contained so that it would not go out and affect the solar system and the galaxy for that matter.

It was a very, very sad time for your Earth. And so the starpeople, all the visitors had gone, there were left only the ones – the upstanding-ape-like creatures and the ones in the form of animal, flora and fauna on your Earth.

The atmosphere had to be adjusted and it did. It was quite some time before the Sun began to shine again. Because of the haze of the clouds that was formed from your volcanoes raging, exploding and going into your atmosphere – it became very dark.

But I do not want to go into this, what I want to say is that all these energies are influencing and it is a time now for this to be cleared. And so the energy is lifting and in doing so, the energy in the souls of all the humans upon this Earth who are the only physical form of life that we call the Earthlings, that is being lifted also. With that of course the consciousness lifts within their minds and so they are changing.

If you could see the Soul as black and white, a Tau, a contradictory thing that you have on Earth – you have been gifted the choice, of your own choice, your own thoughts, your own decisions and in that way if you look at things having an opposite – it allows you to make a choice – if you understand that.

In some ways that is what is happening in the DNA in the cells, they are actually making a choice within the physical body as to what you put in it – what energy you put into it. And so it is possible to eat or drink things that will change the consciousness of the cell – of the DNA.

It allows the ‘junk’ DNA (as you call it) which is actually a ‘limited DNA‘ that was actually inherited from the Star-people – but not opened yet – and so that is opening. And so the information and consciousness coming from that is also melding with the consciousness of your Earth body.

So it depends upon every individual – every person upon this Earth as to what they want to do to work with themselves – this is their choice. If they eat well, and drink well and take supplements that will improve their physical being and their immune systems – it will help to change and link with the new energy that is coming upon this Earth.

As I have said, it is coming through the Stargates; so it is only part of centres around the Earth where that influence is strong. For some people would not be able to cope with it and they have no choice to stay around, that energy is too powerful for them – although their consciousness may not realise it.

So it is slowly being spread around the Earth – more and more – the Light becomes stronger. And this is what the mission of the Earth and all the peoples upon it is: To raise their consciousness, their light, their energy and spread it and hold it in this corner of the galaxy.

For that is also going out, and lifting and spreading – depending on where the different personalities of souls come from within your galaxy. If they are coming with a heavier energy of consciousness then that will be influenced by that stronger light which is now on this Earth. And it will be taken back, when they leave the Earth, and help to lift the consciousness of their races in other worlds. Does that makes some sense to you? (All agreed.)

Would you like to ask me more?

(There is silence for a while; we all find it very hard to think while Jalarm is around…)

twin lines of consciousness suggest we may travel to parallel lives in our sleep

The rails suggest a fixed consciousness with the body; in our sleep – and in fact – we have parallel lives

Jacq:: I do have a question. Do we travel back to other dimensions in our sleep – where we might have a real life?

Yalarm: Yes, you do, you have parallel lives, everybody has parallel lives – some from a different time – again everything is a quantum source of knowledge, of being. So it depends where your focus is and your mission. Does that make sense? Would you like to ask me anything more about this?

Silence again!

Yalarm: The life that your have on this Earth is not the only life that you have been in – or will be in and it depends on the focus as to where you are thinking. If I can put it that way. Or where your focus is. It is all relative. You understand that. So when you are encouraged to live in the now, that is important because it helps to hold the focus of where you are specifically in this moment of your travels through the Cosmos. Does that make some sense?

Jacq: It does, but I am getting a bit confused; I think we are all getting tired!

Yalarm:That is all-right My Dear, it will unfold as you think about it more.

Yalarm: For the moment I think we are all a bit confused and I think we should think about ending our session.

(He is always so kind in the way he speaks to us)

We all said that was a good idea and Jalarm left but not before he blessed us, calling us his children.

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