Reincarnation – earth souls, starpeople souls

Once again, the Mystery School at Werai joined to work with The Oracle and Jalarm and bring forth knowledge and understanding. Intuition is inner-tuition, which raises us in consciousness, deep within. Before we were all born, we entered into different Soul Blueprints, that we might engage one another and smooth the path for humanity to understand its history and journey – particularly from the Fall of Atlantis.

Some have the teachings of Allah, some have the teachings of Jesus, some have the teachings of Buddha, some follow Zoroastra, and others have the teachings of Krishna. The great teachers of humanity teach of abiding love and presence the Creative Source of All. The inner gift of these great teachers of humanity, the core of love and light reaches out to our own inner light and urges us forward toward that which we feel is right for us. It is the heart that knows love and understands love on deeper levels.

What is the story of the coming and going of souls? The Tibetan teaching is that for each birth, there are 10,000 applicants. Where do all these souls come from, how is it they reincarnate? To what level of being-awareness-compassion and love must they evolve before reincarnation happens? There are many Mystery Schools on Earth, all collaborating with “Upstairs” to bring understanding and knowledge of the origins of humans and their destiny as Souls.

The three of us joined hands and chanted the OM. Very quickly the crystal glass moved in circles – anti-clockwise indicating The Oracle wished to speak through Valerie.

Jalarm: “It is I Jalarm and I am very pleased to be here and of course you have been aware of my waiting, waiting, and waiting. (We all laughed) But do not worry, because I am joking with you and it is very nice that you have all gathered here to speak with me – because I want to speak with you also. I am ready for questions … but if you have no questions I can continue talking … it is up to you what you want me to do. You have that choice … and I am at your service and so …

Do you have any questions to-day?

Jacqui: The only question I have is the one about the incoming spirits – where are they all coming from … there are billions of people on Earth – my husband is wondering, where all these souls are coming from?

Jalarm: “Well, the souls that come in and are given birth, through an earth body upon this Earth, you understand. … You understand the process of that. And there are many people, many beings from other worlds, different places, different stars, different galaxies that are willing to come to experience a life here on Earth.

As there are many, many souls that are waiting for entrance into this universe of yours on Earth. Does that make sense?” (They all agreed there were no more questions)

Minds are very much affected by culture and belief. This is inescapable, particularly, the effect of culture, which shapes beliefs. So when information comes in from the Angelic Realms or from the Angels – who have no abode and may be present instantly – it has to be shaped and presented in a way that allows it to be processed and understood by those receiving and passing on the message. It cannot be too concentrated, it cannot be too much cram-packed with ethereal teachings or it would never be understood, and the receiver would be … pretty well … deified – that is, turned into a deity – very quickly. This is not what we as a Hierarchy oversighting this galaxy wish for here, nor anywhere else in any other of the worlds we oversight.

Nor is this what anybody that is coming in from another world wants. Because they cannot learn if they don’t realise that they are interacting with different ways, different thoughts, different cultures, different customs, different races, different beliefs. And so there needs to be a way of presenting it so that perhaps it can reach to some—not to everybody—but in some way the interlocking of knowledge and sharing can help for the WHOLE to come to realise. Because every individual upon this Earth is on their own singular path to find their way back to the path that is who they are – and that is a God Being.

It is true, you are all children of God.

But you are like children, you are still learning, and this is what the role of the child of God is about. The Source of your Life Force comes from the Creative Source of All. And that sometimes needs some consideration or even talk amongst like minded people – to understand exactly what that means for each individual person on this Earth.

And so, is there are question that you would like to ask perhaps about the Souls are waiting to come upon this Earth and do they have to wait until others have moved on from re-incarnating on this Earth – or is that how it operates?

I am not saying that is how it is – I am only suggesting a question?

Jacqui: I was also thinking the Buddhists believe that you progress through each lifetime and better yourself – and the Soul rises to the next level? I just wondered what you have to say about that? For instance can you start out say, as being a flea and then reincarnate to a lion or a whale in the next incarnation? What do you say about that?

Jalarm: “Now, we rehearsed in the last meeting that we had that opportunity to use the Oracle itself; the Oracle would be able to answer – very clearly – if you were to ask the question very simply … So I would like to withdraw … and you can discuss about the question … and then we will carry on from there. Is that alright?” (All agreed)

Question to the Oracle: What level do all original Religious Teachings operate?

Jalarm signalled that he wanted to speak.

The Givers of Light and their teachings

It is I again, Jalarm speaking. And you are asking if—shall we say—the teachings of the Buddha, the Muslim teachings from the Koran (Muhammad), Christianity from Christ and other teachings that are well known and accepted as the beginning of teachings on the Earth. Are they coming from the 6th level or the 6th dimension? In a way that is correct – in that it is the teachings that are at that level, so they are capable, then, of being easily understood and received by discernment to whoever chooses to draw from that particular teaching. Does that make sense?

It we had the teachings coming from a place that was so advanced in enlightenment, then the teachings would not be understood nor would they be able to be received because they would be far too powerful in the Light that they exist.

The Beings that have come through and brought these teachings are not at that fixed 6th level, however they still influence and carry the energy through to whoever wants to reach out and accept the teachings and embrace them as a religion and they all come from a place of love or caring or concern for others. All these teachings have come from the starworlds in the first place. And I would like people to remember that! It is only mankind that has perhaps changed the teachings, the first teachings to something else—for that seems to be a power over those that listen and take it into themselves—then realising that it is not quite right for them.

For the original teachings are from the God Source of All Creation and the original teachings, if embraced wholly, by those that reach out and readily accept them – they would be connected to the Source, to God, in every sense and be guided from that point. And so that would be as one follows God in every way, in every sense. In other words when you are concerned about something – you let go and let God – if that makes sense. Is there anything else you would like to ask or shall we go back to the Oracle?

I would like to encourage you to use the Oracle more but it is up to you. (They agreed)

Jacqui: OK – we are asking the Oracle with our fingers on the glass – is that the only time you can reincarnate if you have reached the 27th level?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: So when you pass over after you die, you have to do the work to reach that 27th level – Is that how it works?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: So you have had to have done the work to reincarnate?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Jacqui does healings on people; she sees many levels in their aura going out in rings from the body like a layered cake: Does everyone who has reincarnated have 27 levels in their aura?

The Oracle: YES

We asked: Is a level the same as a dimension?

The Oracle: YES

Valli: So, are you talking about the 27th dimension?

The Oracle: YES

We asked Once you reach the 27th level you can re-incarnate and if you want to; you can keep coming back to help humanity?

While we were still discussing this, the glass flew up to YES.

Journey of Souls

Jalarm: It is I, Jalarm, you are having a discussion about the Soul; The Souls and when they come into a body upon this Earth and you are wondering – if when they experience past lives – is it the Soul that has these past lives or have they inherited the Life from another to help them cope with a life here on Earth? Because for some, that come from other races around the Universe would find it very difficult to cope with life upon this Earth. And so yes, some do inherit a life or the emotions from a life, so that they can cope with the life here on Earth. This is not a negative thing, it is rather something that is agreed to by the Karmic Board which exists and allows them to come to this Earth to be able to play out a blue print of a life that they have agreed to with others upon this Earth.

And when they leave they can go on and have parallel lives or live other lives in other worlds and not be connected to this Earth at all. But they still grow – it is possible for them to grow. And there was talk about levels up to the 27th level and if they want to reincarnate, after they reach a 27th level of consciousness, then they may do so. Or they may not want to – or it is up to them. That is there choice – they have free will.

They have free will as to whether they want to come back to a life on Earth or whether they do not. That is their choice. And this is what is meant by Free Will upon this Earth.

In fact the world of the Souls and the World of Light have Free Will. And so they may want to make an easier life, and when I say that emotionally it is not as difficult as it is upon this Earth. So does that makes some sense? (They agreed)

So Valerie is wondering also about past lives. And I would have to say that each Soul is individual – I have already said this – so that it does not mean necessarily that they keep coming and going on Earth – but rather they are reviewed and assisted – but from a Universal sense not just an Earth sense. So does this help to clarify some of the questions that you may have in your mind? Is there something you would like to ask about that?

(They said they were happy with that. Thank you.)

We asked: Do we choose to be a murderer or to starve to death?

The Oracle: YES

We asked: Do people choose to be murdered?

The Oracle: NO

Jill: Do victims choose to be victims?

The Oracle: NO

Jill: Are babies born deformed preordained on the other side?

The Oracle: YES

Jill: Then everything is a lesson?

The Oracle: YES

Valli: says she prefers to think of life’s lessons as an ‘experience’ and an opportunity to understand emotions. Our feelings. So that’s it; nothing happens without a reason or a purpose?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: So should we call it an experience?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: asked Jalarm about a Sai Baba dream she had when everyone was of a network gathered to do high work to help people. Was it my subconscious or – was it real?

Jacqui: Was I an another dimension?

The Oracle: YES

Lucid Dreams

It is I Jalarm and I listen to you very carefully – and I try to influence you or suggest to you with thoughts so if you were to also sit quietly you would also receive some suggestions for your enquiry as this is what is happening here.

Your dream is what you call here a lucid dream. In other words you are conscious and sub-conscious all at the same time which is of course what all beings upon this Earth are leading to. To be able to communicate at the level of the Soul Conscious at all times. Does that make sense? (They agreed) and that of course is leading to “Telepathic Communication” which is the way we starpeople operate. And it was the early indigenous peoples upon this Earth who inherited the starpeople’s genes and you know that story.

So is there a specific question that you would like to ask about your dream?

Jacqui: The main thing was that I had Sai Baba in my dream and I was just wondering if that was actually Sai Baba or was it my sub-conscious?

Jalarm: “As I have said many times when he was in a physical body on Earth that was if he came; if I came, to you in a dream and presented myself in a physical form that you know well as Sai Baba – that I come to you – so it is really me, yes.

Jacqui: Thank you.

Prayer, Sacred Intentions, Planetary Healing

Jalarm: And I would go on to say, it is to do with what we have requested in the hope that you may gather people that are like-minded to pray—for want of a better word—but because in praying it is also a very positive energy going out – to help heal the Planet which is what we requested of you. You do not have to do this of course, but we would like you to – and we will be with you and I know you are open to this – so it is about Planetary Healing.

And so My Dear, there are things that are ahead of you but you cannot see just yet, and if you would follow ‘step by step’ you will find things will unfold … The reason we hold back, shall we say, the main picture is because sometimes the earth mind can get off on a little track of its own and can perhaps go running down a lane that perhaps is not quite the right direction. Mind you, it will be stopped and brought back into the focus that you and I shall we say, as we are wall to wall working together, that we need to take to achieve or to help with the work that you have agreed to do. At another level you have agreed to do it. At another level you understand certainly the outcomes and I would suggest that you leave yourself a little bit in the dark at the moment – it will evolve – just trust – is that OK?

Jacqui: That is great, thanks.

Jalarm: Thank you My Dear. Thank you.

Jalarm: So is there another question that you would like to ask?

I know Valerie is wondering about the World of Light and to where to World of Light as to where the souls return when the leave a physical body.

I would like to reassure her that the World of Light is a Dimension of energy and Light that exists. The Star people work with you and know. The interaction of Souls of much higher beings is a little complicated – but we shall give this information as time goes on. So is this all-right for you girls? (They agreed)

I think for today this is enough but if you have another question please ask the Oracle and we will take it from there. Otherwise I am finished for today – I am with you but I will not speak with you any more this day – is that all-right? (They agreed)

Jalarm: Thank you My dears – thank you.

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