The Dark-haired Dark-eyed peoples

Map showing Melanesia, PolynesiaIn order that we, the hue-man (the being that is filled with the Hue of Light) might “see the light” and take our place in the 4th and 5th Dimensions – among the Starpeoples of our Universe – Jalarm and The Oracle pass though information on the multifaceted history of the hue-man. In this session with Jalarm, the origins of the dark-haired and dark-eyed peoples. We learn of different races, different starpeoples, and different times of genetic engineering.

Jacqui: Just on that vein – Val has a question here – Who are the Dark Haired and dark eyed starpeople from whom some humans have inherited genes?

Jalarm: Now this is an interesting question. And I would like you to work with the Oracle here. Because there is too much talk coming from me and we want to use the Oracle as well. So please stay with that question … Talk amongst yourselves … find a question … and the answer will be given. Is that alright?

Where did the Dark Haired and Dark Eyed (White Skinned???) Starpeople come from?
The Oracle: spelt out: BOFO

Is it in our Galaxy?
The Oracle: YES
The Oracle: Indicated that Jalarm wanted to speak.

Jalarm: It is I Yalum – yes indeed I think it is time for me to talk again. Yes, the people who have the dark hair and dark eyes and white skin – do come from within your galaxy. It is not a planet that is often spoken of amongst the people here on Earth – but those people did come to the Earth and they did live here and they did undertake some genetic engineering. And this was done at a much earlier – shall we say more Lemurian time and this was after the evolvement of man to human from Pleiadian story – and so it was as I would say Lemurian Time.

The dark hair and the dark eyes are evident in many of the so called Melanesian or Polynesian – even Australian Aboriginal (Australoid) Beings – that live in this corner of the Earth which was ancient Lemuria. The skin became slightly lighter because of the genetic engineering from the starpeople who had white skin.

The ones who we were speaking about with blonde hair and blue eyes came later. And so your question was an earlier time and I wanted to mention this because of the influence and the uplifting of the human consciousness that began after the genetic engineering and the blessings, the Christ energy to the first humans on this Earth, who were the Australian Aborigine.

So you can see a pattern here – can you not … of the Beings that progressed from this land which you call Australia and then reaching out to many of the Islands and the lands that existed in the time of Lemuria, but has since sunk under the water. You will find there is evidence of it under the water and certainly it (Lemuria) exists within the many legends or myths in all of these people that live in this area, that have survived going under the water. And then of course, later on we would say in a ‘round term’ Atlantean time which is when the blonde-haired-blue-eyed people came. But there were other Starpeople as well.

The Chamorro People of Micronesia, circa 1915

The Chamorro People of Micronesia, circa 1915

The Untouchables of Malabar; Dravidian Australoid

Untouchables of Malabar; Dravidian Australoid

I am speaking from an overview point of view to help you to understand that genetic engineering took place many times, many places around the Earth. There was also much travelling by the indigenous peoples. The people that were human and did move around the Earth. They moved by water, some moved by airship and some intermingled with those that visited them. And so there was a cosmopolitan interaction with one another upon this Earth.

As, I might say, is being interacted and played out now. If you think about that.

reach a point of light

Is there a question you would like to ask about that?

Jacqui: No question there, but I do want to ask How many souls reside in the Pleiadian Constellation?

Jalarm: It is true. The World of Light, where the Souls are created, and the energies that move into those creations, come from other places. Other Worlds, other dimensions. Does that make sense? It is then it becomes very complicated because we are dividing things by asking different questions and focusing on different points. In actual fact, as I have said, they are all at the same time – it depends on the focus. And so your life as a human – right at this time, is focused right here on Earth in a 3rd/4th dimension now. But, you are capable of reaching into another dimension, another place on Earth or in the galaxy at the same time.

And you can be influenced by these different focuses or different existences that you have had altogether. If you had them all at once it would be confusing … and so there is a safety net in some ways – in not being able to fully go into all the different points at once – otherwise you would be totally confused.

However, with evolvement of the Soul and the Being of Light – you can actually reach a point of Light where you can reach into all of those lives – all of that infinity that is part of you – and not become confused.

reach a point of light

“reach a point of light”

But that is an evolvement that takes place and that is Nirvana if you like – it is a place that enlightenment that you would evolve to that makes you a God Being.

Does that make sense? I hope it makes some sense, because there have been visitors on your Earth as God Beings (looking aside from the fact that you are all part of God) and who are able to help, and work to raise the consciousness on Earth – but it is done in a way that each octave that is raised is at a levelling out at all times – so that all may raise together.

Which means that when you come as a Soul you are part of who you really are and you here to help one another and to find a level playing ground – if I can use that word – for that is what is meant to be – that is part of the Greater Plan.

Am I making myself understood?

(All agreed)

Is there another question?

(He Left)

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