Light Beings, Star People and the Earth Ice Age

Ice AgeThe Mystery School continues to work with The Oracle as guided by Jalarm (pronounced ‘Yalum’). Guidance is needed, for at times, Jalarm has to withdraw in order that the lightworkers of the Mystery School might even think. This is challenging service to humanity, for be that as it may, many have never been in the presence of one who is a member of the Hierarchy, and the vibration and energy is so strong, so high, that it is nigh impossible to think of a new question or to go off on a tangent.

The purpose of the Mystery School (among many others on the Earth at this time) is to recover the lost history of human kind, and its origins, along with a history of the Earth that helps us to understand how we got to today. Jalarm has shared that the Earth’s moon was brought here from elsewhere, and that the Earth was moved from another orbit around our Sun to its present place and orbit between Venus and Mars. Moreover, Jalarm and the Oracle have revealed that everything, every form of life, was brought here from another place. Think of that! The flowers, the grasses, the trees, the birds and the bees! We do live in a wonderworld of creation and human flourishing.

We return to Jalarm and the discussion about the 144,000:

The Oracle: signalled Jalarm wished to speak.

Jalarm: “I am here, I am here, and I would like to explain, you have clarified amongst yourselves that the contingent of 144,000 came from Venus and they were starpeople – YES – and the occupied different places around the Earth. And that was all after a time that the Pleiadean humans had already began to multiply and so they were multiplying even more by then. And you can ask the Oracle how long ago that was, in your time. For that is the time that there was a very real upliftment of energy and light and universal love and from that the Earth people started to really multiply and began thinking with more understanding and more wisdom.

However, they still were limited and there has been growth ever since. A gradual upgrading as the planet, your Earth, comes into alignment with the galactic sun – and the core of suns that goes back to the Source of All Creation.

So I hope that will give you some understanding. You need to ask the Oracle now, how long ago it was when the 144,000 Venusians arrived on Earth.

Questions through The Oracle:

We asked The Oracle, Fifty?

The Oracle: spelt out 5 x 10 (we said fifty) ‘Yes’, with 4 x 0’s (zeros) = 50,000

The Oracle: confirmed it was 50,000 years ago our Earth time.

Group discussion and Question: We asked the Oracle if something happened on Earth for the Venusians to come at that time?

The Oracle: signalled Jalarm wished to speak.

Jalarm: “I am here, and you ask if there was something major that happened to the planet Earth to enable the Venusians people and successfully upgrade the animal man/ part human then into a light man more as the humans are this day. And YES, there was.

There have been many Ice Ages on this planet and you will find there was an ice age that took place around that time 50,000 years ago. And with it there was a change in the Cosmic Order and the amount of Light or Sun that was on this Planet but it enabled the human still live on this Earth – to take refuge in caves and you will find that there are a lot of recordings in the caves of the existence of the Earth/Human.

So you will find if you do some research it will equate with scientific research. And I would like you to do some research because information needs to coincide with what is written by science. Sometimes science has it incorrectly – but you will find that information I am giving to you will coincide – you can always ask me more questions. So I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

Ice Age DVD series

Science makes its discoveries, and Jalarm advises that information needs to be presented correctly.

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