Sanat Kumara and the 144,000

Chilean skyscopes

Many think that the Universe ticks along like clockwork, until they read what our scientists and astronomers discover in the outer regions of our Universe billions of light years away. Our lives are sourced from the stars and our story of Human life is gifted from those who came from other worlds, other galaxies, other dimensions, to make this corner of the Orion Arm of our galaxy a Garden of Eden. Eden, of course is a word that comes from the star-peoples; it carries a vibration, the vibration of “creation of a beautiful place, garden, place of harmony and peace”.

After travels, adventures and trials, the Mystery School reconvenes with love – for one another, and for all humankind. Loving-kindness is their goal, loving-kindness for all, as they explore the story of the human, and life before the Fall of Atlantis. Jalarm the Atlantean is present.

On this day, Jalarm answers questions about the multiple sources of human life and the mission of the 144,000 star peoples, what some might call Starseeds. These were all volunteers; they came to enchrist the Crystal light within the hairy up-standing ape and taught them many skills. There were the Pleiadians, and the Blue People from Venus, who originally came from many places in the Universe on a voluntary mission to help all beings on Earth.

Jalarm:‘“I am here, and I am very pleased to be here – and to know that I am welcomed – as I always welcome the opportunity to speak to you or to work with the Oracle. I would encourage you to use the Oracle more often when you feel the need – it is very good for dates and names in particular.

So I would like to ask “Do you have any questions today“?

Jacqui: ‘On the Internet it is recorded that Sanat Kumara along with 144 starpeople have come from Venus with 144 volunteers to assist in bringing out the divine light in animal man. We thought that the people from the Pleiades came first – we are not quite clear. Can you help? :

The Purpose of the Star Peoples

Jalarm: “It is true, it is true.

That the intention of Star People who came to lift the Earth in this corner of the galaxy into a higher dimension of Light were the first ones (sigh) when the ancestors were created which was 900,000 years ago. And later, we have talked about this before – there were upgrading of the amount of Light that was able to be accepted by the animal man, who had actually been embraced with divine energy – so this is the ones when first created by the expedition from the Pleiades.

And later more, in what is known as the Lemurian times, the Venusians came. They came to influence the peoples and to help raise the energy again – they taught them more. They taught them many things – they taught them symbols which developed into a kind of writing or images. And this is what the Indigenous people still do to this day. In communicating a story they use pictures.

Jalarm: So is there anything else you would like to ask about that?

Jalarm: The number of 144,000, by the way, is represented by the number of people who came from Venus under the command of Sanat Kumara and this was a very, very good time to remember in the upraising of the intelligence, wisdom and understanding of the animal man or at least the first humans are and so they developed very quickly from that place on. The number of 144,000 was spread over the Lemurian Times and so perhaps you would like to ask more about that?

Jill: maybe we should ask more about that – what would be the question? (Jalarm pulled aside for a while to allow the three of us to discuss the subject.)

Jalarm: Confirmed via the Oracle that Sanat Kumara had never incarnated into an earth-body and that he was a star person on Earth. He also confirmed that the 144,000 people were star people that worked with him to teach the new humans. They came en-masse and spread all over the world.

Questions through The Oracle:

We asked The Oracle, Did the 144,000 come after the Pleiadian Mission?

The Oracle: Yes, the 144,000 came en-masse after the Pleiadian Mission.

Group discussion and Question: We asked The Oracle, What Dimension is the Earth now in?

The Oracle: Yes, we are now in the 4th Dimension!

Group discussion and Question: We asked The Oracle, Would there be Peace on Earth? When will this come? Will Peace all over Earth happen within the next 7 or 8 years when Cosmic Sai Baba is appearing in his Light Body?

The Oracle: Yes

The Oracle: signalled Jalarm wished to speak. (Go to the next post)

Alma dish array

Around the horizon the dish antenna units of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, ALMA, explore the universe at wavelengths over 1,000 times longer than visible light.

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