The Blue People, The Sun’s Magnetic Reversal, The Watchers

suncoronaThe ladies of The Mystery School turn to group discussion and talk about the people from Venus – how they might blue – and Jalarm reveals the necessity of Teachers from the Source of All Creation taking appropriate shape and form. We learn of the delay to the solar magnetic reversal (allegedly every 11 years) in order that Earth and all who live upon her might transition to the 5th Dimension upon a more calm terra firma. Jalarm reveals the existence and purpose of The Watchers.

The Blue People

Group Discussion: After Jalarm spoke, there was some discussion about Blue – Lord Shiva is thought to be Blue, and we have learned of the Blue People from Venus. There was further discussion about the Blue People and Jesus.

Jalarm Speaks

It is I, Jalarm, and you were talking about the Blue People.

Lord Shiva is not blue, he is from the Angelic Realms. As for the blue people, there are many people – lightworkers actually – who are on this planet now and they have come from the Planet Venus. And they come from a point of light that was actually prepared – raised into being to be a place of raising the consciousness in this corner of the galaxy and now they have moved to this planet, Earth. Earth is now the focus.

Some people ask if light beings – teachers and prophets – come from Venus. If we compare this to Sri Sathya Sai Baba who was in a light body and came to planet Earth. He interacted – with everyone – in a physical body to physically show and teach many things about this planet and other world. And this is similar to how Jesus took up his body. Does this make sense?

There have been many different planets from around the Cosmos that have had beings who were of a much higher consciousness, and with wisdom, and with no limit to their abilities that were able to help raise consciousness. But they needed to take on a physical body of a particular race that they were working with so that they could communicate easily with these beings – and also – be readily received. If they appeared in a different form to that on Earth (for example) they would NOT be readily accepted at all!

There are many forms in the races that exist in the Cosmos. However, there is consciousness – and the consciousness that is in the beings on the planets – knows – it has a being and a consciousness that in some ways has come from the Source of All Creation. And this is what we are hoping to do – to help people understand who they really are – and that they are not simply a human being but much, much more in their consciousness. So, does that make sense?

The Watchers

You were also discussing about The Watchers.

Well, that is another term that has been put out there to help people to know and understand that there are others that exist in other worlds. And they are observing what takes place on this planet, Earth.

AND I would reassure people that they have no intention of causing any harm at all.

They are working with the Hierarchy; they are from other worlds. In fact, there is a whole UNION of people from other worlds who have committed to come and help those on Earth to raise in consciousness. The Watchers align themselves with the Divine Energy – Light and Love – that comes from the Source of All Creation. So the Watchers do exist, and they are permitted to observe only. The Watchers are not to interfere at all. They are permitted to assist, if called upon. Does this make some sense?


The Earth has many man-made satellites in orbit, watching – as it were, over the climate. In other dimensions, there is a union of beings called The Watchers – sentinels who keep eye over both the outer climate and the inner climate, the effects of raising Earth and all who live on her to the 5th Dimension

The Sun’s Reversal

Group Discussion: The Sun does a polar flip (magnetic reversal) every 11 years or so. Discussion about the delay to the sun’s magnetic reversal and the relation of this event to the Ascension Day, 21 December 2012. Was the delay caused by “Upstairs”?

Jacqui: Was the Sun’s Magnetic Reversal delayed?

The Oracle: YES (very strong)

Jacqui: Was there an important reason for this?

The Oracle: YES (very strong)

Jacqui: Was this reason related to the Ascension, the raising of consciousness?

The Oracle: YES (very strong)

Jalarm signalled he wanted to speak through Valerie.


Another Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)! The Sun-orbiting SOHO spacecraft has imaged many erupting filaments lifting off the active solar surface and blasting enormous bubbles of magnetic plasma into space.

Jalarm Speaks

It is I, Jalarm. And you were talking about the magnetic reversal of the Sun.

And yes – you have received it – we have already said on The Oracle that we did delay that reversal to help slow down the changes that are coming and affecting your planet, Earth. And you would be able to now look back and think about that.

And there is still change happening and strong magnetic force is coming from the Sun. But – you ask – “Was it delayed at that time?” and I would say, Yes, definitely.

I would also like to add that this is what we observe – we talked about The Watchers. We are observing how changes within the Cosmos affect your planet. And so, when your planet is troubled, or affected by major – major climatic changes and also earth changes – meaning volcanic activity and earth tremors–earthquakes: we are here to help, to lessen the forces that could be quite disastrous for you. So that is all I wanted to say. Thank you.

(Jalarm departs)

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