The Disappearance of the Mayans, the Akashic Records, the 5th Dimension

kulkulanThe air is thick with higher energies – and the presence of others from other worlds who are observing the Mystery School at work. Discussion turns to the Mayan civilisation and its mysterious disappearance from the face of Earth. The question of animal and human sacrifices is explored. The question of records of events is expanded to a fuller understanding of the Akashic Records and the story of the Soul of the Earth, Bhu-devi or Gaia, as she is known. Jalarm expands on the 5th Dimension.

The Mayan Civilisation

Group Discussion: After Jalarm departed, there was group exploration of the phenomena of the pyramids in Mexico, Kulkucán, Chicken Itza and other places. The discussion turned to the Aztec and Mayan Civilisation and the Mayan Calendar which is sometimes (incorrectly) called the Aztec calendar. The question of sacrifices at the pyramids was explored and we decided to ask The Oracle about the sacrifices.

Jacqui: Were there sacrificial ceremonies at the pyramids in Mexico?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Were humans sacrificed?

The Oracle: No answer.

Jacqui: Were there animal sacrifices during these ceremonies?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Were there human sacrifices during these ceremonies?

The Oracle: no movement

Jacqui: Were there animal sacrifices first, followed by human sacrifices during the ceremonies?

The Oracle: Faint Yes.

Jacqui: Were there more animal sacrifices than human sacrifices during the ceremonies?

The Oracle: Yes (Strong).

Jacqui: Were the Aztecs doing these sacrifices before the Mayans?

The Oracle: Yes.

Jacqui: Did the Aztec race come before the Mayans?

The Oracle: No movement.

Jacqui: Did the Mayans exist before the Aztecs?

The Oracle: Yes.


Artist’s impression of Mayan nobles, taken from wall drawings. The Mayan civilisation disappeared completely, we learn.

Group Discussion: The group discussion now turned to the fate of the Mayan civilisation. They disappeared off the face of the Earth. There was discussion that there are still Aztec peoples dotted over Mexico and the Isthmus of Panama between North and South America. What became of the Mayans? We decided to return to The Oracle:

Jacqui: Did the Mayans disappear?

The Oracle: YES (Very STRONG)

Jacqui: Why did they disappear? Was it because food and water ran out?

The Oracle: Yes

Jacqui: Did the Mayan build another civilisation somewhere else?

The Oracle: no movement

Jacqui: They just died out?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Was this caused by the Fall of Atlantis?

The Oracle: No

Jacqui: Did the Mayan civilisation die out before the Fall of Atlantis?

The Oracle: YES (Strong)

Group Discussion: about the Fall of Atlantis. It was an age of crystals, and crystal energy, and they might have been mucking around with crystals and blew themselves up. There was a mention about crystals at Sedona, and that is the Akashic Records, all the Crystals at Sedona. We decided to ask the Oracle:

Jacqui: Are the Crystals under Sedona the akashic records?

The Oracle: Yes.

Jalarm signalled he wanted to speak through Valerie.

Jalarm Speaks

It is I, Jalarm and the Akashic records are actually held all through the Earth and wherever an event has occurred, that is a record.

There is also a source of records for each soul and the Earth’s Soul, and everything else that has been created upon this planet – and that record exists in the dimensional portal underneath the Sphinx in Egypt. Now, I have actually said this before, but perhaps the clarity was not as good as it could have been, and I would like to make it quite clear.

However, there is no space or time when you work in the next world – shall we say – and it is very easy to access these records. It is that close. Does that make some sense?

Things like the basics of the creation of the planet exists in that point of your planet. It has the symbolism of Earth and Water and so these things exist at this place.

You were asking if this is related to the Merkabah, with the five elements and the symbolism of the Kabbalah. The Merkabah does have a place in the teachings on this Earth – and actually – its evolution as well. The five elements do come together in harmony and vibration as you said. That is correct.

This is why I am saying that the place where these records are kept near the paws or the underside of the Sphinx. This of course is in the ether, although it could be seen by many from an earth point of view, but mostly, in the next world. As I said before, the 3rd and 4th Dimension of your Earth is the same to us; for those that exist in a physical body, they are limited and not always readily seeing the 4th Dimension.

The 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimension is happening right now, it is a stage of evolution; you are all on this planet in the 3rd and 4th dimension and it is moving to the 5th dimension. That is why there is a shortness of time, or what appears to be a shortness of time. Your measurement of time is not the same as it is in the cosmic worlds, but, it is a time of movement, everything is movement and you could call movement – Time – if you like. You could look back, you could look forward but in fact, in another place, everything is happening at once – just to confuse everything (laughs).

BUT, the 5th Dimension is actually coming into being right now. You can call it the 5th Dimension. And until everything on Earth moves into the frequency of the 5th dimension, it will be a “pulling” – shall we say – against the 4th (dimension) and sometimes it will seem like things are very fast – in other words the frequency is moving faster than what you experience in the 4th (dimension) – and when everything settles down it will all seem normal. Everything will adjust and the frequency will not be fast or slow, it will be moving at normal speed. Does that make sense?

Group: erm, we are spinning faster?

What I am saying is that if you are in the 5th Dimension and you are looking from here to there (in the 4th dimension) in the being and consciousness – everything is ever so much faster. However, when you – and everything that exists on planet Earth moves up into the 5th dimension – it will seem normal. Everything will match up. Does that make sense?

Group: Yes.

(Jalarm departs)


The paws of the Sphinx shortly after excavation. Between the paws is the stele of Tutmose. Valerie has seen a grand stairway between the paws, which leads down to many chambers in the 4th Dimension. The records of the Earth’s soul and all souls on Earth are found here, and Jalarm advises these are easily accessible. At the base of the Sphinx is a flame which will never go out.

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