The Origin of the Kaaba, the travels of Jesus of Nazareth

kaabaThe religions of the book, Judaism, Christianity and Islam trace their origins to a common Ancestor, Abraham. A question about the Kaaba at Mecca is brought up, and Ibrahim (the name given in the papers of the Islamic faith) is mentioned. New Caledonia – Scotland in modern languages – is raised, and questions to the Oracle come thick and fast about Jesus in England, Mother Mary in Scotland, and the Tomb of The Prophet at Rozabal (North Kashmir) is referenced by Jalarm.

Group Discussion: A question has been posed about the Kaaba. The Kaaba is a large cube-shaped building worshipped by millions of the Islamic faithful in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is a black box draped with black and gold cloth around it. The group explores the origins of the nomadic peoples of that region, and how they fought wars, settled and formed cities. The group speculates that the origins of the black box could be far back in human history.

The Kabaa at Mecca

You were also having a conversation about the ‘black box’ at Mecca.

Its original source was a meteorite that fell from the skies hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Blocks of granite were carved out of it and it was shaped into a cube. This happened at the time of Ibrahim (the Islamic name for Abraham). It goes back many years, and it was built and shaped into an object of worship at the time of Ibrahim.

It is very attractive to the peoples of the Islamic Faith, and as it tells – in the papers of the Islamic Faith – it was taken over by Muhammad.

It is the object of worship by millions of the Islamic Faith, and it holds information and energy from ancient times. This energy infiltrates those who worship it, who meditate and walk around it. It has been a sacred object of veneration for thousands of years.

It is a little like – you have information about other objects such as the Holy Grail – these objects hold sacred energies and information and these function to raise the consciousness of the people who meditate, walk around these things and make it the object of worship. So does this answer your question? It was originally an other-worldly object (a meteorite) that fell from the skies.

(Jalarm departed)


Jalarm confirms that millions and millions visit this sacred stone and obtain spiritual advance, spiritual benefit and uplift. It holds energy and vibration of the Angelic Realms.

Group Discussion: The group discussion moves on to Maryam (name given in the Qu’ran to Mary, mother of Jesus, and questions rise about Jesus and the Crucifixion and his life after the Crucifixion.

Jacqui: Was Mother Mary ever in Scotland?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Did Jesus travel to England and Scotland?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Did he go to India

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Was this before or after the Crucifixion?

The Oracle: no movement

Jacqui: Was Jesus crucified on the Cross?

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Did he die on the Cross?

The Oracle: No

Jacqui: Did Jesus suffer on the Cross

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Did Jesus go to a place called Gaul, in France

The Oracle: YES

Jacqui: Did Jesus have children in Gaul?

The Oracle: no movement

Jalarm signalled he wanted to speak through Valerie.


Jesus of Nazareth

It is I, Jalarm, and I have been a little reticent, but I would like to clarify your questions about Jesus.

Jesus was crucified, and he did suffer – greatly – but he did not die. And he survived to go on, he continued to live. There was an exchange of souls at another time, but that is a different story altogether. So does that answer your questions? Is there anything else you would like to ask?

Jacqui: So did he visit England, Scotland and ended up being buried at Kashmir, is that true?

Jalarm: Indeed he did, he travelled those areas when he was a young man. With his Uncle!

Jacqui: Before the crucifixion, you’re saying?

Jalarm: Indeed, yes.

Jacqui: And after the crucifixion, was that India?

Jalarm: Yes. The tomb that represents him (Rozabal) in the north of Kashmir is real; yes. That holds his body. And the family that looks after it (the tomb) has been doing so for 2000 years or more.

Jacqui: And his children are in … what we know as France, is that true?

Jalarm: Yes, it is.

Jacqui: Did Jesus’s children grow up in what we now call France, in Gaul?

Jalarm: Yes. … Now this is something related to the story I told before about the Exchange of Souls within the body of Jesus. He left and another took it over. This mission was very important, and another from the World of Light came in and took over that body and continued his mission. However Jesus himself, Jesus the Christ, moved on and back to the World of Light. Does that make sense?

And so the children that came – later – were not quite the same – the children of the one, the Jesus that suffered on the Cross. So does that make sense?

Group: Yes

Jalarm: That is good. It is also important to mention that Mary Magdalene – which was a twin soul – continued living in the south of France for a long time after. And they had separated because they were really not the same soul any more. Does that make sense?

Group: Yes

Jalarm: It is a little hard for the human to understand; although it happened quite a lot. Quite a lot more than people realise. But that is another aspect of the soul that people need to come to understand – if they want to – if they do not want to, then that is all-right.

(Jalarm departed)


Jalarm confirms that the family that has been caring for the Tomb of Jesus has been doing so for over 2000 years.

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