The Place of Intuition

headheartThe Mystery School retreats to meditation and reflection, to emerge with more questions. Here the Mystery School seeks to know about the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross – as a balance for the explanation given by The Source. The Source then takes up The Oracle to give an extended teaching on intuition and its role in the lives of all on their soul path. In fact, The Source goes on to explain how all races (Star People) in all galaxies and universes share similar features, similar inner organs, and intuition once they come as a Soul into a Human Earth Body; there is no cause for mistrust.

Sacrifice and the Creative Source of All

Jacqui: So the next question is about the cross that was used for the Crucifixion and why was that used in Christian Teachings?

The Oracle: indicated that Valerie was being asked to channel

Group Discussion: We were working with The Source most of this day. Later on, we asked if the Oracle still needed to work with in these sessions and the answer was a definite YES.

The Actions of Jesus

The Source: (God) “I am God, and I am pleased that you have asked this question, for it shows an imbalance of what I have just speaking about. However, it was representative of the being known as Jesus and his sacrifice was representing sacrifice that was going on at the time upon this planet Earth. In operating from that same energy of sacrifice Jesus was able to release the sacrifice that was taking place in – the name of any religion that was taking place upon the Earth at that time – and finding balance by releasing their belief that a sacrifice had to be made in the name of God. Which was very wrong of course, it was totally out of line.

So … in being crucified upon a cross that was out of balance – Jesus was able to release – through the Angelic Realms that surrounded him at that time – the Thought Form among the humans upon the Earth that a sacrifice was needed to appease the Gods from the Source of All Creation.

This of course, was not necessary at all. And so His work at that time did release that belief and brought balance to a much more even balance of a cross. As I have said, and what is related to, is geometric Form in sacred geometry.

Jesus, already spoke at the time, that, “Every hair on your head is numbered.” And this was the message, he was showing his wisdom of not chaos but ORDER, total order. So I would like you to think about that if you would. Thank you my children, thank you.”




Group Discussion: One of the girls was having scattered thoughts about accepting that it was possible to communicate with God – (we think she is being used to voice questions that may surface with our readers) So we asked God what was the reason these thoughts were arising?

Intuition, Knowing, and the Other Races in the Universe

The Source: (God) Would it help if we go over the way this Oracle has now been set-up? In that a VOICE is being used to discuss the existence of God that is the Source of All Creation. And this is a new approach, a new initiated state into a higher point of communication but it is one that bothers many in the use of the word GOD.

For, there has been many things that has been done in the name of God which has nothing to do with GOD at all. Nothing to do with Creation at all. Nothing to do with the vibration – the energy – the love – the colour – the sound – the wisdom that is connected to the Source of All Creation.

Communication is possible. Many do not realise this. But it is a source that is available to them and it has always been available to them in their heart. They think it is their brain – the brain records everything and it has been downloaded to look after your physical body but your ideas and thoughts come from another place. They come from the source of all creation. They come through the Soul Consciousness which a lot of people do not realise they have. Some may call it intuition and when you think about that it is ‘inner teaching’.

So where does that come from?

The Source: (God) People do not question it, they just take it for granted. They feel it is a ‘knowing’. Some do understand – some do not. But I can assure you everybody has it within them.

Men sometimes talk about a ‘gut feeling’ there is something there in their solar plexus that makes them feel a deal is wrong – even though everything around the seems to be right in making a business decision – and they hold back. I can assure you that when they hold back they are more in tune with what should be and what should not be to achieve what they are working at to the best of their ability.

Intuition is coming, the consciousness from the soul is coming, into the Being that you carry or use as a physical Being to take you on your journey on this planet. It is a physical being – there are many physical beings not just on this planet, but in other worlds – that are very different sometimes to look at – and that is the binding thing about the Earth Human in that they are all the same – they may have a different coloured skin, but they are all the same. Their hair maybe slightly different but it is hair on their head – the same as they have a liver, they have a gall-bladder – they have a heart – everything about their physical Being is the same. The binding thing is for the sameness and likeness to help them to understand each other and not be confronted with a Being that looks very different. For many have come from other worlds – from races that do look very different and it is sometimes confrontational for some people – not all – but some people.

From the Source of All Creation is their God – God the Creator – no separation at all – it understands all – there is no judgement – so do not believe there is judgement from the Source of All – there is not. It is Love. It is one always with forgiveness and compassion. There are those where sometimes people struggle and sometimes find life easier than others. There is always a reason and a purpose for all of that.

Emotions are a re-action. Everything is acting out on this planet to a healing. So emotion, is an action or a re-action. Not everyone reacts to the same thing. Some do not understand why they react – and this is the secret to find out why they react – so that they can change this if they want to. Or if they are in a calm, peaceful, loving way towards whatever and whoever – they are coming directly from the Source of All Creation in the energy that has been blessed within them.

The Source: (God) The Pure Energy – The Loving Energy – The Compassionate Energy – it is within everyone – do not doubt it. Thank you my children Thank you.”

It was noted that our session today took 108 minutes. (A God sign!)



The Pure Energy – The Loving Energy – The Compassionate Energy – it is within everyone

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