The Source and The Story of the Earth


Since the hairy upstanding ape was encrystallised – or given the Christ-light within, humankind has tilled the fields, raised families and in times past, looked up at the stars knowing where their starpeople friends and guides had come from. Others looked at shells, cetaceans, the trees, birds and insects and wondered about the origin of life on Earth. Here, The Source (God) tells that everything on this Earth has been brought from some other place – another star, another planet – brought here, to flourish. Even the Earth once existed in another galaxy, another star system. It had no Moon, then two Moons, and then one Moon. The Source (God) is sharing something important, in order that we understand what is happening to ourselves and our planet, right now. Read on as the Ladies of the Mystery School ask their questions.

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Journey of the Soul; Names and Forms; Planetary Healing;

AngelWe have all emerged from the Source of All, and when we take up our bodies, we form a relation with that whom we feel the strongest connection – to the All, to Boundless Love, to that name and form we feel affinity for. Now is the time for Planetary Healing, now is the time to understand and experience, All is ONE. Read on as Jalarm unfolds the journey of the Soul.

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Reincarnation – earth souls, starpeople souls

Once again, the Mystery School at Werai joined to work with The Oracle and Jalarm and bring forth knowledge and understanding. Intuition is inner-tuition, which raises us in consciousness, deep within. Before we were all born, we entered into different Soul Blueprints, that we might engage one another and smooth the path for humanity to understand its history and journey – particularly from the Fall of Atlantis.

Some have the teachings of Allah, some have the teachings of Jesus, some have the teachings of Buddha, some follow Zoroastra, and others have the teachings of Krishna. The great teachers of humanity teach of abiding love and presence the Creative Source of All. The inner gift of these great teachers of humanity, the core of love and light reaches out to our own inner light and urges us forward toward that which we feel is right for us. It is the heart that knows love and understands love on deeper levels.

What is the story of the coming and going of souls? The Tibetan teaching is that for each birth, there are 10,000 applicants. Where do all these souls come from, how is it they reincarnate? To what level of being-awareness-compassion and love must they evolve before reincarnation happens? There are many Mystery Schools on Earth, all collaborating with “Upstairs” to bring understanding and knowledge of the origins of humans and their destiny as Souls.

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Mermaids, Mammals and the evolvement of the Ape-like being

The sessions with Jalarm and the Oracle continue as questions take a turn towards guardians of the planet who moved through the waters, and held the light energy from the Source of All Creation. Other questions explore the evolution of the Ape-like being (which, Jalarm tells, was originally a cold-blooded creation of the Reptilians and Draconians), to the relations between the Ape like creature and the being known as Hunaman (Hanuman) to the Dravidian peoples.

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