Chinese-Asian Light Body Ancestry

arctic manIn a discussion there was talk about the Chinese having a joke that they call the White man a Barbarian.  And they say it with some disdain.  It suggests that the Chinese Race came from a different source than that of the Ape man.  We decided to ask the Oracle.

We asked the Oracle if the Chinese were from a separate evolutionary path?

Yalarm:  And you wonder about the influence in the Chinese people.  There has been a very strong influence from the people of Asian descent.  This came long before Atlantis Fell – it was a race that came upon this Earth and it was a presence that was influenced around the Asian area – which you would like to suggest is around the time of Lemuria.  But there was influence in other areas north of that.   (Lemuria was seen in a vision about the middle of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding lands.)

Some went north and some went south and some interacted a little from other races that had interaction with different starpeople  and developed slightly differently from the Asian Race from the North such as the Chinese and the Japanese races.

The race that first came and in their likeness were coming from another planet and they also came from an evolved way of living – they were Angelic in their nature – they had strong beliefs – strong understanding – they have a strong ceremony and they taught their children this.  Their whole race was very much tuned into ceremony – which you can see when you observe the Chinese race now.  It has been around from a long time and it has had a strong influence on this Earth.  They understood about the Creative Source of All.  There was some break away – that happened with everything – so that there was influence of Warrior Beings that was slightly influenced from now and Arcturus and so they were inclined to use their warrior spirit in a healing way.

But the beginning of the Chinese Race – I would like the Oracle to spell out …

Some conversation took place between the three of us first:

When you are doing Tai Chi your bringing up your energy and aligning all your energies to re-charging from the Source.  It was created for warriors but originally it was used in healing.  The Chinese know all about the Light body and still practice natural medicines and acupuncture with or without needles for healing.

Chinese have very little hair except on their head that is thick, black and lustrous. The males can grow slim beards. Their skin is cream coloured rather than pink – showing no sign of the inherited red-hairy ape-like look. Their eyes are slanted up attractively and their face show no emotion. They experience emotion the same as everybody but they do not like to show emotion. “Saving Face” is referred to remaining enigmatic.

Some of the breakaways would have been the American Red Indians, the Arctic races (Inuit, Eskimos and Lapps) and other races looking slightly Asian in Russia and the South Sea Islanders.

Warrior Race is not to fight but rather to fend off – except the Mongoloids, we shall ask more about the Mongoloids next session with the Oracle.

We are born of God in his image – so the Chinese would have had a star race who created them in their image????

We called on the Oracle to advise where the Chinese star people came from:

The Oracle: spelt out the letters D E L E … we asked if it was in our star constellation  and it said YES.

We asked how long ago in Earth-years and we were given … 6 million years in their Light Bodies.

We were given the image of the Asteroid Belt, so we asked did the planet turn into Asteroids and the oracle gave a … weak and with some hesitation … YES

We asked was the planet DELETED and the wine glass flew across the table and strongly pushed the letter in a big … YES

asteroid belt
The planet was lost and became the asteroid belt

Then Yalarm wanted to speak through Val again.

Yalarm: ‘It is Yalarm. You have been worrying and wondering about the source of the Chinese Starpeople … and we have given you a word DELE which to us means a LOSS … obviously this means nothing to you – but I would not worry about it.  This is of another star world.  And the Gods came to this planet, as we have given you … 6 million years ago … and they helped to evolve the Earth planet also.

There was much going on – and you will come to understand this as we go along … but there were another time these Light beings that helped to integrate their energy field into the human.  I said, Human, not the man.  For this reason you were asking why they did not like the barbarians and that is because they never inherited the ape-like creature energy field.  It was not in their DNA.

Jacqui: So the Barbarian DNA isn’t in the Chinese D.N.A?

Yalarm:  That is correct. You have noted that the Chinese are hairless – they have hair on their head but no hair on their body except for lightly bearded males. Also their skin is a slightly different colour from other races.  Sometimes it is described as yellow and then others that evolved from them like you have mentioned the Tibetans, they were yellow-brown or slightly red-brown when it became the American Red Indian. But that was when they were starting to get involved with different races from other star worlds. So does that make some sense?  (All agreed)

The Barbarian – or ape-like creature and I say this with respect, was never in the Chinese or Asian inheritance of their DNA into their human body. The Hu as I would remind you is a Light Man.

Yalarm withdrew: