Evolution or Creation

Sumerian depiction of bird-being
We joined hands to harmonise.

Yalarm made his entrance:

‘I am here and I am very happy to answer questions.

Jacqui:  Yes thank you, does the Zororastrian religion have a connection to the Sumerians and the Annunaki people?

Yalarm: Not exactly no. In fact this was brought at a much later time to the Sumerians and evolved along  side of them – it was to help raise the consciousness because the Sumerians were coming from a place a little less evolved.  And so sacrifice was being made and there was a need for the race to understand that this was not the way to go – that this was not what the Creative Source wanted.

And so the Zorastrian’s knowledge and their energy played alongside to help and bring changes just by their very presence.  It did not happen overnight but changes did happen.

Jacqui: Thank you and just another question Evolution or Creation – can you explain please?

Yalarm: There is much talk about how humans evolved upon the Earth. And there is much cellular examination of many different animals or species of bird, or reptile that are similar but so too even the DNA or genome exists in plant life and shells and so there is a similarity in all forms upon this Earth.  And so there is a certain amount of evolution that took place – adjusting to changes in climate and more than that really – it was because of climate change that adjustments took place – but then there is talk of Creation and how things were created not evolved and there is truth in that also.  In fact it was from other Beings from the Cosmos and used genetic engineering – which I have said before is very common to the evolved races or even the races that are no so evolved – they still had advanced technology – much more than what exists even on your planet at this time.

So there is a necessity for careful study and experiments with genetic engineering and if it is always done in the name of the Source of All Creation and ask for blessings – because it will automatically be blessed then – then the changes that will happen to bring great changes to the human race but it must be sourced by and processed by – coming from those that came with evolved thinking –  not just playing with it.  Does that makes some sense?

And so the GODS – as races upon this Earth saw them when they came from other worlds – is correct,  in that the creation is seen by God as bringing the changes … and this it true. Is there anything else you would like to ask?

Jacqui: There is a question here asking: in the evolutionary tree – which came first the birds or the reptiles?

Yalarm: If you are just selecting those two, the birds or the reptiles – the birds came first.  Because it was the BIRD RACE from the star worlds that actually came to help progress the Earth’s evolution.  Now I am saying evolution in the sense that there were changes that evolved from different scientific elements that came together and changed into something else that was needed in the creation of your atmosphere.  But then, the bird-like-beings – they were up-standing – they had technology – they were sent by the Angelic Realms and they came to assist to progress the planet into a Garden – A beautiful garden of Eden – Eden also is connected to sound which is part of the evolution or growth.  Does that make sense?  Is there anything else you would like to ask about that?

Jacqui and Jill discussed for a while then asked, ‘Where do the fish fit into the evolutionary picture?’

Yalarm: The fish were a form that were created to be in the sea to feed other forms that were already created on Earth. They have a place to provide energy to other forms that fed upon fish – even humans do still. The fish came from a race that were FISH LIKE in appearance and although it was not the race itself that was eaten – but they did create forms that provided food in their likeness.

By that I mean they looked like FISH.  Do you understand that – do you see what I am saying?

In other words the FISH LIKE beings – Starpeople – produced and created a form that was food and it had their own image.  Just as it is said that the human has been created by God in HIS IMAGE. I would like you to think about that if you would. So is there another question?

Star people ... they looked like fish beings
Star people … they looked like fish beings

Jacqui: In the study of DNA it seems that all vertebrate beings have a common denomination in the spine.  Would that be correct?

larvae show an interesting link - vertebrate are common to many species ... taken from National Geographic, November 2006, artwork by John Burgoyne
taken from National Geographic, November 2006, artwork by John Burgoyne

Yalarm: That would be correct yes. Is there something you would like to enlarge on that?

Jacqui: Would that mean there is not creation but rather creation from the starpeople?

Yalarm: Well, I think I have already answered that – would that be right?  (They agreed…)

Jacqui: I am having a little trouble thinking.  Deep within the human mind there is a belief that all Creation is from God?  Is that because within the psyche of the human they know that higher power has created everything?

Yalarm:  All Humans have been blessed from the Creative Source of All. And every human upon this Earth has a Soul.  And with that Soul is the blue-print that comes and the Source of a Star Being perhaps or the history of star-beings that are not as evolved as others – they have the opportunity to come and live in a human body and experience a family life – you will note that all indigenous people have marriages and family and love their children.  This is what they come to experience – the ones I am talking about that are not as evolved and as starpeople they have never experienced the warmth of a family and children and they come to experience that here – and in doing so it raises their consciousness so that everybody upon this Earth – the ones who readily understand the love of family and children – help to share that Love which comes from the Source so that everybody on Earth comes from shall we say, a level playing field, they all become warm, loving, compassionate beings – this is then taken back to the race they have come from or shared with other races that becomes also from their Angelic Being. Does that make some sense? (They agreed…)

Jacqui: Is the first man created by the Annunaki to mine gold …a red-haired-ape-looking-being?  Val says she sees that and the word barbarian comes to mind.

Yalarm: The first ape-like creature – created by the Annunaki was the MAN or ape-man – he did look very hairy – red like hair and yes, at another time, much later, he was referred to as a barbarian.  This was much, much later.

The first ape-like creature – created by the Annunaki was the MAN or ape-man
The first ape-like creature – created by the Annunaki was the MAN or ape-man

A rest time was suggested: