The Source of Light

sourceThe ladies of The Mystery School follow the guidance of The Source and take time out to meditate. This is due the method which The Source and its agents (such as Jalarm) to explore information and material about life, its structures, its common spiritual essence in all the galaxies; matters unthought of and unheard of. Revelation requires that we make space within for divine love to give itself. Hence, the frequent calls by The Source to meditation. (In another place, The Source tells, “A day without meditation is a day wasted“). The Source (God) returns to answer questions that require the hearers (and you, our readers) to engage further investigation and reflection. With the second question arising from meditation, we learn of the equal sided cross and the role and function of astrology in the human journey.

Group Discussion: We briefly meditated and after talking amongst ourselves (Two of our number had seen bright white light beaming down upon us) we decided the first question would be: “Where does the Divine Light come from?”

The Source of Light:

The Source: (God) “I am God. And I hear your questioning and your thinking so if we can take one question at a time. There is a question of ‘Where does Divine Light come from?’ and it is from The Source of All Creation.

It is a little hard to exercise a ‘thought’ to separate it into an understanding that makes sense. Because there is a Beginning—a Middle—and an End in everything that you think of here upon this planet. But reaching past that and other vibrations and other holistic forms and into the quantum thinking you begin to realise that it is not as limited as a beginning, a middle and an end.

For The Source of All Creation is not limited in any way whatever, it is the Source. You may find it hard to try and put it in a little box but it is everything – it just IS.

The FORM, if you like can come from The Source of All Creation and you could call it a GOD FORM. And you could call it also, a Being who incarnates on Earth. And at times it has – such as the Being known as Sri Sathya Sai Baba. But it is not Divine Source of All as you understand it. For that is like a well of Divine Energy, Divine Vibration that is always available to you – and all you need to do is to call upon it – for anything that you want – and it will be given to you – until you realise and understand what it has to give.

So I hope I am making some sense here. I have not exactly said, where Divine Source or Divine Love comes from, because it is everywhere and it is in everything. It is not compartmentalised or restricted in anyway. It is just here.

And it is also in what you would call the mysterious DARK – the opposite to LIGHT for Light actually exists in the Dark. You might need to think about that also – I will leave it there – thank you my children.”



The yin yang symbol is suggestive of light in dark




Group Discussion: We decided to ask our 2nd question after meditation:

“Why has there been seen the image of an equal sided cross in so many places?”

Group: When the Oracle wishes to speak through Valerie the wine glass usually moves under our fingers, in circles, around and around. Sometimes anit-clockwise and sometimes clockwise. This time it indicated it wished to speak through Valerie and sent the wine glass around making the design of a square continually. (We all laughed).

The Equal Sided Cross

The Source: (God) “I am God, and you ask Why is the equal sided cross seen in so many different places. Well this is no co-incidence for I have spoken before through my Agent Yalarm and now through me, to say that there has been influence coming onto the Planet about the equal sided cross.


The Source: (God) In some way it represents a hologram – and if you could put your mind around a hologram of a cross your will see it with angles and that is the basis of sacred geometry – which in a way has been the beginning of design and writing and from that: communication.



Cley Hill, nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July 2010

The equal sided cross is a balance and it is no coincidence that it is being seen more, and more. The encouragement is … that a balance should be found or needs to be found within the world, this planet and the understanding of all that is designed and created upon this planet – for some scientists seem to think that the Source of Creation is in Chaos. After it separates into different worlds it may seem like Chaos – but it is not chaos, I can assure you. There is a plan and always a reason and a purpose for each ‘thought’ or ‘consciousness’ that goes out from The Source of All Creation.

So if you can just look upon the equal sided cross as a symbol it can actually be focused upon simply to help find balance within yourself – as you face East, North, South and West it is balance. For within that you are part of the whole and it is all relative as to where you are facing as to what influences you that is why a science such as Astrology is in being – it does affect people in different ways, but helps to bring balance. The science of Astrology is highly esteemed in the past – it has been lost to some degree in the Western World in your planet – but it is a need for study and understanding for it does help people to understand the influences of their emotions – and this can help them to handle the life that they now live or plays that they now have created upon this planet and to live in a harmonious way. I shall leave this now …


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The Sun, Moon and Planets: in Astrology, they help us understand our emotions as we walk across the stage called Life