Pre-Atlantis – Repitilians, Leonines and early humans

Yalarm: The Starpeople that survived – who had come from the Pleiades at that time and helped with the genetic engineering to take place with the upstanding ape-like creature that then went on to become the beginning of the human race –  they taught them many things. 

It was a Wednesday; 27th of March, that we met. It was on this day, we jokingly decided to call ourselves The Harmony Sisters!

We sat joining hands to unite our energies and called upon God to be present. We chanted three OMs and we could hear our singing was completely in harmony. We decided jokingly to call ourselves The Harmony Sisters.

The wine glass quickly spelt out NARA and we knew that meant Narayana- Sai Baba’s birth name. The Oracle was now sacred.

Yalarm came, but not before Sai Baba had spelt out his name on the Oracle and when asked again he made us laugh as he said: Go, and then spelt out Baba and swung the wine glass around and around – the signal we have come to recognise that Yalarm wants to borrow my voice box. The wine glass pushed out of the circle of letters and began to move quickly outside of the circle towards me. This made us laugh even more.

The word Go  reminded me of the time when I first met Sai Baba at his ashram in India – he had stopped in front of me and then pointed somewhere and said, “Go.”   The ladies around me said it meant to go for an interview.

I have just remembered a dream I had not long after we had been asked by Cosmic Sai Baba to sit with an Oracle.  Jacqui and Jill agreed.  Jacqui had learnt from childhood how to place individual letters from the 26 character English alphabet on small squares of white paper – numbers 1 to 9 plus O also on separate squares of white paper and a YES and a NO on 2 more small squares of white paper.  They were then laid in a circle onto a smooth table … along with a longish stemmed wine glass which was placed in the centre.  We knew it was imperative to ask God to sanctify the circle before we began.

Valerie: In the dream I was talking to an interesting man about pre-Atlantis – he said he loved The Groks (?) and spoke about the North Sea and Antarctica. I asked him if I could interview him.  I had no idea what that dream was about until we were set-up to use the Oracle and were introduced to Yalarm.  In a way we are interviewing him.

We have words that have been spelt out by Jalarm on the Oracle – but we don’t understand them.  We are told it is a language??

Yalarm is speaking: ‘It is Yalarm, and I am very pleased to be speaking with you and sharing this little joke with our beloved Baba – for he is my love as well as yours.  I know there have been a lot of questions written down and I am keen to answer as many as we can so why don’t we just get started and ask the first question?

Jacqui: Edgar Cayce described the Arcturians as being three to four feet in height with bluish/green skin and 3 fingers on each hand. Is that accurate?

Yalarm: It is actually, but as a lot of planets are similar in this way; there are more than one race that inhabits the planet.  And so the planet that we mentioned as Arcturus and the very tall white Light Beings that also live on that planet, lived there long before the smaller beings came.  Does that help you?

Jacqui: Yes, I think so.  Another question is were there any wars on Earth during the Atlantean time?

Yalarm: There were unfortunately wars, yes. But not in the early days—but as more civilizations established themselves on the Earth, there were disagreements that could not be resolved easily and so there were a few wars yes …

the upstanding ape-like creature evolved to the human we know today

Jacqui: Were there any wars when the humans were first created at Kariong?

Yalarm: This is going back a long time, of course, and yes – where the humans were first created there were still many of what we call the Reptillian races that existed and the upstanding ape-like creatures who had been anointed with the Christ Light were evolving into the human – they were in danger, and yes – the beings from Sirius came to help them and there was a war between the Reptillians and the Leonines.  And also the upstanding Beings that were tall White and without hair that came from the Sirian Constellation.  They were of a more advanced Being and were able to teach and lead the Leonine race.

The war actually took place between the Leonines and the Reptillians – however that was resolved.

Jacqui: Thank you. Another question about Kariong in Australia – we are wondering what are the cupholes that are drawn on rocks found at Kariong?

Yalarm: The Starpeople that survived – who had come from the Pleiades at that time and helped with the genetic engineering to take place with the upstanding ape-like creature that then went on to become the beginning of the human race –  they taught them many things.  They taught them how to make fire, how to cook food.  How to understand where we had come from and that there is a POWER that connects them to the Source of All Creation – they began to understand because we told them little stories that would assist with their understanding – these they have kept in their Dreamtime Stories.

However, we did teach them also, about the stars and their movement in the sky and how that was reflected on Earth and the energy on earth was influenced by that movement and so they were encouraged to draw circles representing different stars from the sky.  Different Star constellations from the sky.  So these Cupholes are part of that map of astronomy and they were given some sense of the Cosmos. On the rocks they were drawn like a star map; so in just the shape and the number it held what constellation it represented.  And so the evolving human began to understand that.  And they were as I have said, the beginning of the Australian Aborigine.  So does this make some sense to you?

Jacqui: Yes, it does. Thank you. Where is the city of Atlantis as told by Plato?

Yalarm: This is an interesting story and it is very good that Plato actually wrote it down so that it was recorded … of what had happened before Atlantis went down and lost.  Plato wrote at the time, (about a place located) around the mid-Mediterranean Sea (as you know it now) and that actually – along with an outer edge of evolvement that doesn’t show readily above the sea now, but it is hidden under ocean – (that place) does come from around Greece, Malta and other areas close by and reaching out further to the beginning of the existence of Atlantis as written by Plato.

But I would like to add also there were other civilizations that had developed around the Earth.  And (there) were similar evolvement of cities created by starpeople that existed around your Earth.  That does help you at all?’

Jacqui:  Yes it does, its making the hairs on my arms stand up! … … Another question: How many pure starpeople (without other DNA) existed that wasn’t lowered?

Yalarm:  Yes, now this is a question I would like you to ask the Oracle so that you can see its significance … … because we are trying to show you there are many ways to connect to the starpeople and with God’s will we would like you to use the Oracle as a way of connecting to other worlds.  So I will withdraw for a while, if that is alright?

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