The Tall White Star People from Arcturus

Yalarm: There is much that is received in your way of telling stories in science fiction that is actually true – because the writers in science fiction are drawing from the memory deep within them in their Soul Consciousness or being Starpeople and how it worked at that time.  This all happened before Atlantis went down.  And as I have said there was much happening upon this Earth for the past 200,000 years – but even before that …

The Oracle didn’t like the way we had phrased the question it spelt out it was too hard.  We had to re-think the question.

The Oracle told us when Earth Fell the (pure) Starpeople left earth on starships to fly to other star systems.

We asked how did they come and go in Atlantean time – Jalarm called to Val to begin a transmission.

The word GUBAA was spelt out which we think means ‘Goodbye.’

Second Transmission from Yalarm on 27 March 2013

(He literally jumped into my body – and made us jump and laugh. We could not see him but we knew he was with us.)

Yalarm: ‘I joke with you – (he made us laugh again) Sometimes they travelled by what we call starships or motherships – you can imagine your travelling from say from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere in your planes. We had ships that actually travelled from a place on earth to another star system.

They travelled in wormholes
They travelled in wormholes

We didn’t travel as you would think in a linear fashion, but rather through what you would call ‘wormholes.’  It didn’t take all that long to go or to come back.

Sometimes people were relieved – because it was a little like being assigned to the planet and they were on duty here – while they were living on Earth because the were holding the energy of Divine Light and Love and that was what their mission was.  They were also teaching all the different races that were gathered on this Earth. Much like what is happening now. Although I can assure you it was more advanced at that time.  You have seen evidence of starships coming and leaving from this planet now, and there has been evidence caught on your digital cameras.  So they do come and go.  It is not difficult once you have the advanced technology at your finger-tips.

Star Trek animation
Star Trek animation
There are other ways too—to come and go—because there are some starpeople that came and manifested in a hologram upon the Earth so that they could be seen and heard and communicated with, and then they would leave.  A little like your so-called Star Trek animations.

There is much that is received in your way of telling stories in science fiction that is actually true – because the writers in science fiction are drawing from the memory deep within them in their Soul Consciousness or being Starpeople and how it worked at that time.  This all happened before Atlantis went down.  And as I have said there was much happening upon this Earth for the past 200,000 years – but even before that …

We are talking about Arcturians who definitely came to up-lift the human race and it is why they are tall white beings and the look that they have in white hair, white skin, blue eyes, and very similar bodies; it is why they are so close to looking like the human race as the humans look now.  But that took a while before Atlantis went down for the evolvement of humans to take place upon this Earth.

From the starpeople that existed upon this Earth they were here to teach and helping to balance energy upon this Earth and to create knowledge and opportunities for all the other races upon this Earth to learn and to come understand how to work with Mother Earth – and to live with her – and upon her – to look after her – to care for her – because she was caring for you.

So it is no different from what the indigenous people already remember – it is those from the so-called western world with advanced technology who have forgotten.  This we hope will change.  But returning to the Starpeople and the ones that were living upon this Earth and how they returned to other star-worlds and then came back – there are many different ways.  But it was possible to travel by ship – it was always possible to transform the self into one place and then into another – depending upon the level of consciousness and the ability that they had. Does that make some sense?’ (They all said “Yes“.) 

Jacqui: With all the coming and going was there some sort of border control?

Yalarm: In a way there was.  It was all done through a Hierarchy or a group of Beings to act as a border control if you like to use those words. To come and to go and not break any of the Universal Laws.  Unfortunately some did come and some did break the Universal Laws. This unfortunately led to the demise of what existed on this planet before it went down. I can add here that some of the scientists decided to experiment, even though they were coming from a place where they really knew better – they scientifically experimented without the permission from the Source and produced beings – if you could call them beings – they were alive, they had body parts that were mixed up so that sometimes they had a human head on an animal body or vice versa – a human body with an animal head and this was not allowed from the Universal Law.  This was deeply going against the edict of what the Angelic Realms and the Hierarchy had as a Law upon this Earth.  Because it went ahead and the scientists were experimenting by misusing the beings that had been created – the creations were victims and still exist in the in-between worlds (a world before the Souls that leave this Earth now). When they (the souls that leave) return to the World of Light, there is a passage that they must pass through and some of these beings are still there, lost.  They are referred to as Demons because they are overlorded by a race that is misusing them still.  This has to go – this is being changed.

Yalarm: This is an edict on this Earth now will not be allowed to differ from what the Universal Law has been put into place.  So would you like to ask about that?

Jacqui and Jill both said they couldn’t think.  (The energy is very high.)  Another question written is about the wars that were said to take place towards the end of the Atlantean Age:

Yalarm: Yes, this was in the later time of Atlantis when the Universal Laws were starting to break down.  Some of those in positions of power upon this planet decided to do their own way for power and took control.  This eventually happened and is written in the mythology of many Indian and other civilisations around the world.  But in particular in the Hindu religion for that is one of the strongest that has survived since Atlantis fell.

Jacqui: Can I please ask a question? Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant and the body of a child in mythology so can you tell us anything about that?

Yalarm: There are Gods that are portrayed in symbolism – symbolism only.  Not necessarily as I have just described took place before Atlantis fell.  Many of the Deities within the Hindu religion are purely symbolic.  So does that help you?’

Jacqui: Another question, it is a bit of a difficult one, could you describe what the cities on Earth before Atlantis were like: 

Yalarm: Many of the cities that were created by the star people themselves, had sacred geometry.  So there were a lot of circles and within that the patterns of geometry but that also interacted with the functioning of the city or the town – depending on how big it was.  There were areas also for a natural ceremony that the star people gave to the Source of All Creation.  And they see it as a SUN.  They see a group of Suns in alignment to the Source of All Creation.  And so the Sun, or the Solar Logos is actually what they were giving thanks to and also drawing energy from to help nourish them as Light Beings.

Yalarm: In a way you could see it as a food, but they did eat other things as well.

Jacqui: That was my next question: What did the people eat and then how was it after Atlantis?

Yalarm: Again, and this is a little difficult to answer because it depended upon the evolvement of different races. Some needed heavier food that came from a heavier Light and needed sustenance for their physical body and the lighter they became the lighter the food that was necessary.  And in the long term, they could arrive to a place where they needed no heavy food at all but would survive and live very easily on the Divine Light and Love directly from The Source.

Jacqui: Did they eat any animal?

Yalarm: This depended upon the energy of what they have in their physical body.  As I have said, if they were heavy then the animal was the kind of food they needed – and the lighter they became literally – the lighter the food they needed. Does that make some sense?’

Jacqui: There is another question here asking did they eat each other?

Yalarm: “Unfortunately that did happen with the lower energies – by that I mean depending upon the circumstances. But that is another story.  I would like you to ask the Oracle about that one.’

Asking the Oracle

The Oracle said it (eating of bodies) did exist pre Atlantis.

They did recognise disease and would not eat the body.

Jill asked did they kill them to eat.  Oracle said NO.

They only ate DEAD bodies – so they wouldn’t be wasted.

Early up-standing ape-like creatures first created by Reptillians misunderstood and were confused. The Oracle said Starpeople (Light Beings from the Pleiades) came to teach burial ceremonies after the genetic engineering had taken place and the new humans were created.

Jalarm wanted to talk to us again …

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Note, Charles Hall from the Open SETI group, has written extensively about the Tall White People – you can read his writings here.

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