Evolution of the up-standing ape-become-human

Yalarm: Understand that there are different dimensions on this planet and people can live side by side even though they do not recognise each other.  In other words it is possible to live upon the planet and be superimposed upon another life that is taking place upon this planet.

27 March 2013: Third talk with ‘Yalarm’

Valerie: In the early days before the first humans were created (I am speaking from knowledge given when Alcheringa came to us and the book followed) we believe the up-standing ape-like creature was eating the carcasses, when they died, believing they were no different from dead fish, or animal (as I spoke Yalum interrupted and said)

Yalarm: This is correct my dear, they had no understanding.  And so we as Star people came – we returned to teach them ceremony … the ceremonies did not begin straight away but gradually they began to understand … they also came to understand about the fire and the cooking, so as I have said, when the humans were first created and enchristed, they did not have all the knowledge straight away.  They needed teaching, so as I have said the star people came to teach them ceremony, how to cook food, how to light fire and also to create a ceremony for their dead so that their Spirit could pass back to the world of Light.  So does this answer your question?’

Jacqui: Wouldn’t their spirit have gone back to the World of Light as a natural thing in the Universal Law?

Yalarm: Indeed it does My Dear, but they needed to understand that so that they would stop eating their dead.  Understand that right from the beginning as a human, there was a very large selection of DNA from animal, bird, insects and many any other aspects that are on the Earth – and all of this created the up-standing ape-like creature.  This is no judgment of any of it. But the human has inherited that very heavy energy, that very heavy weapon-wielding animal-like approach to life.  And they needed to understand about human values.

Jacqui: This is a bit of a leap away, but there is a question here it is said that the Aborigine travelled the Earth in the figure eight – when was that?

Yalarm: This was more of a time in what you call a Lemurian Age when the Australian Aborigine had evolved and were very much in tune with the Star people and communicated with them telepathically. They definitely had evolved to a place where they were very much in tune with ceremony and the understanding of who they really were – inheriting some of the star-peoples’ DNA.  So they were brothers and sisters – they understood this.  And so they had been encouraged to spread … and intermingle with other indigenous people who were upon the Earth and this they did.

Yalarm: They were encouraged and taught by the Star people how to build boats they would actually sail.  They had already been given a lot of instruction about Astronomy and how it worked as a star map with the Earth and travel around the Earth.  They were given instruction about the currents that existed in the seas and they travelled these currents more than anything.  They travelled one way in  what was vaguely a figure of an eight around the world, which they have in their dreaming stories.  The Elders know this … and when they travelled they did interact with other beings that they came across and mated with – sometimes they stayed – others came; there was a lot of movement around.  Some of the movement was also assisted by the Star people who already lived upon the Earth.

ocean currents
The earth’s ocean currents are like a figure of 8 enabling circumnavigation

Yalarm: And I would like you to understand that … for it made it a little easier for them, however they had to be left to their own devices to some degree so that they could evolve and become the true human with human values of which they have come to be.’

Jacqui: Do you think the human race  – their body – will it change a lot going back to a Light Body?

Yalarm: You are already a Light Body, my Dear. This is something that all humans need to remember.  You have inherited the Light Being – Star people – you have different weights and measure in each individual upon this Earth.  But you are – and have – star-people genes in you.  And the weight and measure differs in some different people, however there is a coming together because the Earth herself is changing and lifting and ascending into an energy that will actually help to integrate with all the beings upon the Earth as it is now.  And this is since Atlantis went down – and when all the people on the Earth at that time – lived on the Earth and survived only in caves –  because a Great Ice Age had finally came to being on the Earth and so they had a difficult time in surviving – the Sun was hidden because of all the ash that had come out of the volcanoes and blotted out the Sun for a long time.  Before the air started to clear and the Sun started to reappear and more began to grow back to where it was.  It was a major catastrophe that happened upon the Earth and it was only about ten-and-a-half thousand years ago.  The time could be questionable – it depends on what you measure time.  But it was not such a long time as far as the evolution of this planet.  Do you understand? (Yes)

Jacqui: I am just moving onto some more questions that have been written. Do the Pleiadians and the Sirians follow the Law of One?

Yalarm: If they mean “The Law of One God” Yes, of course.  There is always the knowedge of the Creator Being from the Source of All.’

Jacqui: Another question: ‘Is there a Hall of Records somewhere on an Astral Plane or Earth that we can access?  I have heard of a library of Porthologos that is in Agartha that contains the cosmic records of the universe.  Is that true that exists and how can we access it?’

Yalarm: I would like you to ask the Oracle about this because it is a complicated question.  I would like you to see how it flows (They said ‘yes’…)

Yalarm: Thank you My Dear, thank you.

Asking the Oracle

The Oracle advised that YES, there is a Hall of Records.

Is it in the Astral … … YES

Is it within the Earth’s atmosphere?  NO

Is there such a thing as civilisations in the Inner Earth? … … … YES

Does that mean they exist in their astral body? … … … YES

Are there star people IN the Earth? … … … NO

With more questions it seems the Hall of Records is INSIDE the earth’s crust.

Can it ever by damaged? … … NO

Fourth talk with ‘Yalarm’

Valerie: said she worked with a gentleman who saw into the future of 300 years ahead … … 2,300 AD  He said, ‘Something did happen on Earth but he didn’t know what.’

Yalarm: The Future is ahead, what has passed – is behind.  What is important is the now and to live in the now you need to have faith and complete trust.  And to know that whatever happens in your life is what is meant to happen to help you – to assist you to progress to evolve into the true Light Being that you are.  You are God and so you can help create a future for yourselves  – it is important to understand that … because The Law of One is actually just that.  It is a recognition of the ability of every being upon this Earth to create a future for everybodys’ good – not for the self but for everybody on this Earth.  And every body encompasses the animals, the birds the insects and the reptiles.  It is what belongs, the energy belongs to you on this Earth.  It has had the evolvement of all of those beings on this Earth ever since it began.

Yalarm: And so My Dear I would like you to forget about the future – for it can change – one person’s memory into the future can be another’s that is different and not necessarily the same.  Understand that there are different dimensions on this planet and people can live side by side even though they do not recognise each other.  In other words it is possible to live upon the planet and be superimposed upon another life that is taking place upon this planet.  It is all part of evolvement – it is all part of the edict of change – evolvement and who is ready to leave into a higher consciousness and who is not.  Does this make sense?  (All agreed) I will leave you now, God bless you my children, God bless you.

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