The Creation of MAN and later 1st HUMANS

ORACLE – 17th April, 2013 – The Light Man that we are as earthlings.

We joined hands and sang 3 OMS – our voices were harmonising beautifully. The wine glass very quickly spelt out that Jalarm wished to speak through Val.

‘It is Jalarm I am very pleased to be here – and I know that you have many questions for me today and I am happy to answers these for you – so what is the question?

(the reply to the questions exposes the different time scales of the 4th dimension and the 3rd Dimension…

Jacqui: : ‘What existed in the time between 900,000 years and 200,000 years when the Atlanteans came to live on earth?

Jalarm: ‘We have said that the time that the Pleiadean peoples came to earth on the Mission of Love to establish Light upon this Earth – because this corner of the Galaxy was rather hidden with dark energy – they were sent on a Mission to Earth which we called ‘Mu’ at that time. And I say ‘we’ meaning the starpeople.

It did not go to plan and the Mother Ship was destroyed and it was just a few of the 50,000 people on board who survived. However, they found themselves planted on the area which you know of as Australia – and in the area known as Kariong – this was where the little establishment was first set up and when the first Humans were created.

Now you are asking about the time – and this I have said before, is very difficult for us as starpeople to say a time – that resonates with you as Earth people upon your earth because you measure time in a different way. So I would say it was a long time before the Atlanteans came to this planet. The time will be clearer as we progress. But it is a long time. So is there another question?’

Jacqui: : Actually Val has written another question asking “Is 900,000 years correct when the Story of the First Human was Created” – is that correct? But you now have answered that already. There is a belief that the first humans were created by the Annunaki so that seems to conflict with what we are remembering about the Pleiadean Mission? Who are the Annunaki?

Jalarm: The Annunaki, yes, there was civilisations set-up upon this planet that came long before the Atlanteans. And so these people – they were starpeople – but I have said before about different levels of consciousness; and the levels of consciousness of the Annunaki was not raised to the point of evolution that is possible for Beings to enter into a higher form of Light Consciousness. Does that make some sense? (they said yes)

So the Annunaki had quite large civilisation established upon this planet. And this was before the Atlanteans came. In fact I can say this is the reason Atlantean starpeople came, because they needed to raise the consciousness upon the Earth. It was getting a little out of hand, and the hierarchy that I have mentioned before – which is overseen by the Angelic Realms – needed to be lifted. Mainly because of how the people were being treated by the Annunaki people. Would you like to ask me about that?

Jacqui: : The next question written here is saying that genetic engineering and experimenting was said to be carried out by the Annunaki to produce the first cave man.

Jalarm: The Annunaki did do genetic engineering. Genetic engineering was done quite commonly with the starpeople at various levels of consciousness. It is important to understand that with genetic engineering – the cells of a body, and not necessarily an earthling, can be changed and re-created BUT there is a need for it to always be done in the name of THE SOURCE OF THE CREATOR OF ALL and in that way it is BLESSED. But, unfortunately because of ignorance, the Annunaki were experimenting with genetic engineering and there was a kind of ‘hit and miss’ as to what they created. Sometimes they were creating, or trying to create something and it didn’t work out that way, so they would change their thinking and do it a different way. They had a lot of knowledge – a lot of technical knowledge, but they were not using it through the Source of All Creation to help and assist them in their endeavours. Does that make some sense?’

Jacqui: :It does. Does that mean that they created an animal with a human head or say a human like figure with an animal head or bird like head?

Jalarm: Indeed that happened yes. They went on to create what looked like a cave man. They went onto produce an upstanding ape-like creature which was used with DNA from the animal and this would be what your scientists would say was simply an up-standing ape-like creature. Its brain was limited to quite some degree – the Annunaki had ancestors who were reptillian in form – this I would like you to understand because they also had the influence of the Reptilian Beings as well as mammalian beings and so they had hair – but they also had a spine and even with the earthling now it still has the spine that once held a tail – but this has been dropped – genetically dropped.

Getting back to the upstanding ape-like creature that was done a creation that the Annunaki produced so that would assist them in mining gold. While and when these beings were not needed, you could call them man if you like, because they did have a limited brain function that was able to take orders – they were called in when it was necessary and when they were needed to mine gold – other than that they were left to their own devices. They developed very haphazardly – again part of the reason was they were not exactly connected to the Source of All Creation.

However, they were weapon wielding – they did produce weapons that were carelessly used and you could say that they were MIND CONTROLLED. Does that makes some sense?

Adams Calendar
Adams Calendar in South Africa; Jalarm gives information about what happened here

Jacqui: : Yes, thank you. Do you know of the site that is called ‘Adams Calendar” in South Africa?

Jalarm: ‘This is all part of a very large development that took place because that site is just near a very deep source of gold – it still is. And so that was a centre of much activity at that time. This is quite a long time before, as I said, before the Atlanteans came to this planet.

The Annunaki wanted the gold to create – they knew it had an essence to it that Beings of a highly developed nature could use to assist them with their connection to the Source of All and this they were trying to re-create. It is called White Powder Gold. And it lifted the consciousness so that they were able to have unlimited abilities. But unfortunately they were not quite achieving it as they wanted.

However, they did use the Gold for adornment and so would you like to ask more about that?’

Jill: The Gold sounds very interesting! What they did do with it? Did they make beautiful articles or what?

Jalarm: Yes, they did they fashioned it into figurines, into jewellery, into various bowls in which to carry things, to adorn many things … but also, as I have said, they were trying to capture the essence of the gold to use as a raising of consciousness – they did not achieve this. They did not understand about the quality of Being that is needed to actually be able to create such an essence.

Does that make some sense?’ (They said thank you, yes.)

Jacqui: : Just going back to the Adam’s Calendar were any humans or starpeople ever sacrificed there?

Jalarm: They were. And this is linking to a belief of connecting to a Higher Being – but again the teachings were a little misdirected and so they began to over-rule the Beings they had created that they called upon and they thought that if they offered them to a higher being that they could be consumed by the Gods and sent back to them as an essence. Does that makes some sense?’

(NB: Valerie: In my earlier work with the Pleiadeans we were advised that the Higher Beings that the Reptilians offered their Creations to were known as the Draco – or Draconians – who had created the Reptilians in the first place)

Jacqui: : When did the humans begin to look like they do now – with hardly any body hair, smaller faces and larger skulls as compared to cave-men? How long ago was it?

Jalarm: ‘Again I hesitate to naming numbers – you can try this on the oracle –

But again you need to be careful about asking it in your time rather than the starpeople time. There was evolvement of what you would call the Beings that were created – you could call them MAN. It was later that the Pleiadeans that came and did genetic engineering that was given by permission from The Source and the Angelic Realms and the children that were created were imbued with Divine Light and Love and so they were Children of Light in a man’s body now in a Human Body. That was the difference. Does this make sense?… this came later.’

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