Red Haired Giants: Starpeople from Mars

(Continuing with the ORACLE on 17th April 2013)

Jacqui: So were did the ginger hair come from? We would like to know …

Jalarm: ‘Well as I have said, there has been many that have visited this planet Earth – and they have come from different places around the Galaxy. But there was a time when your planet Mars had to be evacuated and the people from there had red hair. They were rather war-like in manner. Does this makes some sense to you?’

Jacqui: : Also Jill was saying before that people with red hair need more pain killer and anaesethic and other different things. She was talking about red-haired humans. She herself has red chestnut coloured hair.

Jalarm: It is true, they were warm blooded and they experienced pain and because of their strength – their warrior strength. They were very large – you could call them giants and they actually came to the planet here. So they were also many of the different starpeople on this planet.

This again – stretched over a long period of time.

Jacqui: : suggested a break which Yalarm agreed to

We asked the Oracle:

Q: Are there ‘Martians’ on Mars at the moment?


Q: Are they in a different Dimension?

A: YES – 6th Dimension.

Jalarm wanted to speak to us :

Jalarm: confirmed it is the 6th Dimension. And asked us to remember that he said they were very large beings with red hair – compared to the people of Earth. There have been skeletons that have been found around your Earth planet – and there will be more discovered – your scientists are not ready to accept their existence as yet. They say the photos have been ‘Photo-shopped’ as you would say – but they did exist.

Jacqui: : Well if they are in the 6th dimension I wonder what they live on – how do they survive?

Jalarm: Everything is ENERGY – and so it is taken in 6th dimensional way – it can be presented in form – such as fruit, vegetables and in fact they have a real life – just like you have on Earth – it is just that you cannot see it with the physical eye.

They are well aware of the exploration that is taking place upon their planet at this time, for at another time there were others who lived on the planet in a lesser dimension and they had to evacuate when war was declared and the planet Mars or everything that was on it was destroyed.’

Jill: Where did they evacuate to?

Jalarm: ‘Many came to your planet and set up civilizations here – others went to other places. There was a choice – They had starships in which they were able to move around.’

Jacqui: The Red-headed people came from Mars; the Vikings had red hair – were they (the Vikings) genetically related to the peoples from Mars?

Erik the Red Haired and Viking Ship with Red Sails...

Jalarm: Indeed there were – genetically they had inter-acted with other beings who were on your planet and so they integrated down through time and so yes, the Vikings are connected with the world of Mars – but they would also have a ‘little bit of this and a little bit of that – just the same as your earthling body has a ‘little bit of this and a little bit of that.’ I joke a little – but as I have said before your earth body is a very complicated structure and has many influences from many different dimensions and many different races – just as the Martians do – but perhaps not so broken down as the earthling. However, the Vikings as you speak of are Earthlings and they have inherited the influence from the Red Giants from Mars. Does that make some sense? You are talking over a l-o-o-o-o-n-g period of time to cause changes in evolution but it does show the warring nature of the Vikings.’ (They thanked him)

Jacqui: The Annunaki – what did they look like ?

Jalarm: Well again with evolution changes they did have a reptillian appearance about them – lesser to a degree – but you could say they were like lizard men but no quite so exaggerated as it was in the earlier days upon this Earth.

It was the Lizard people – if I can describe them that way – or the Reptillians that took over this planet in the time when Dinosaurs existed upon this planet; in fact they were the creators of the Dinosaurs. They experimented many ways genetically and created many many lizard like or Reptillian form Dinosaur Beings.’

Jacqui: I wonder why they would have created dinsaurs in the first place? And for what purpose?

Jalarm: They were just experimenting really … however it got a little out of hand – and many grew so large and were eating all the foliage upon the planet. The planet had been created from a different dimension altogether in the first place to be a place of peace, a ‘Garden of Eden’ – it was meant to be a place of peace and Light in this corner of the galaxy. However, when the Reptiliian people came, they mismanaged it – it was not meant to go the way it did – and that was why the decision was made by the Angelic Realms and unfortunately something had to change upon the planet to destroy the dinosaurs. They were eating all the foliage and destroying the planet’s atmosphere.

They were so large that they were too slow in dying back into dust and they created a bad odour … it was interfering with the atmosphere, the oxygen, if that makes some sense, and so there was an asteroid that was brought to this planet that was designed to destroy the dinosaurs that had been created upon this Earth.

It is not something that was done lightly – it was something that a lot of thought was given and a decision made – however, there was a lot of resentment from the Reptillian people. Because as I have said, they came from a lower evolvement in conciousness and they did not readily understand the reason that all this took place.

And so there was another war that was created – with fighting, arguments, resentment, dissension that was happening upon the planet for quite sometime. The Cosmic Police, The Leonines and Star People from Sirius were sent to help sort it out.

Bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Cornwall, UK
Bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Cornwall, UK

Jacqui: I wonder about Dolphins and how long they have been around?

Jalarm: Actually the Dolphins were one of the Starpeoples. They came and lived in the ocean so that they lived in a separate world but on the same planet as the Reptilians. They actually held the consciousness of Light and Love and that was their purpose and their mission and still is – to lift the consciousness upon this Earth.

Jacqui: Jacqui: And is that the same for Whales or just Dolphins?

Jalarm: Yes – it is very similar for the Whales.’

Valerie has just come upon an interesting video from Klaus Dona showing many of the things we have just been given: