The Inner Sun, The Pharaohs, and the Cosmic Number System

It is the 9th of September and the Mystery School has reassembled with Valerie, Jacqui and Jill, after their perambulations hither and thither. Human life is Time, and Jalarm (pronounced Yalarm or Yalum) tells us again today that time is measured differently in the Cosmos. Another important aspect of time is in-tuition; information must produce transformation, and transformation takes time. Hence, the Mystery School – from time to time – does not meet so readers and those who seek to know the mysteries are able to digest information – on multiple levels within.

While there is text on a page (as Yalarm tells in this transmission), names and places and people – in the past – still have influence and may ignite this in-tuition process. In today’s transmissions, Jalarm confirms that He is one and the same with Cosmic Sai Baba (hence the photograph of Valerie with Sai Baba in White!). This day’s transmissions and the messages of the Oracle, while focussed on the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Upper and Lower Nile, reveal surprising matters about number systems of the Cosmos.

‘It is I Yalum and I am pleased to be here. You ask questions and I am ready to answer them. I would like you to know also that the connection between Jalarm and Cosmic Sai Baba – is the same.

Cosmic Sai Baba carries many, many names as He has said when he was here before in an Earth body. But he is not limited any more with that body and so He can move around and influence very easily.

The time for the frequency to rise has made it easier for everybody to connect to their inner-sun. And I would like to call it their inner-sun although it has often been referred to as the soul. If you think about the SOUL it is a word for SOL which is another word that is talking about the SUN – it is all in the SOUND.

Then in the translation and the spelling makes them sound as if they are separated – but they are not.

And the Ancients knew and understood this. They connected with the Life Force and the Divine Light everyday because they knew and understood that from the Source of Creation.

So I would ask you now my dear – have you any questions?

Jacq: Who was the first Pharaoh of ancient Egypt?

Yalarm: The first Pharaoh has been recorded in ancient Egyptian times – but the Pharaohs actually existed long before Atlantis Fell and there is different names and confusion about their existence. But they are what you would call ‘The Atlanteans’ and so the Pharaohs did exist then—they were not dictators as they became later —they were people of High Born and by that I mean they were of an advanced knowledge and advanced understanding and they came from Venus.

I am glad you have asked this question because I have already sent the message to say how closely you are connected to Venus – for when they worked and lived on Venus – it was a different frequency and it still is where the physical aspects of Venusians do still live.

They influence those here on this Earth because they are connected to them.

Not everybody on this Earth is connected to the Venusian. The three of you all do come from that place. And so there are different names: Yes, I would like you to know that the Pharaohs existed long before the Ice-Age. Does that make sense?

Jacq: Yes, thank you. We didn’t get a name for the first Pharaoh.

Yalarm: “I would like to spell this out on the Oracle. I will take my leave and allow you to receive the spelling out on the Oracle. This is important because I want you to understand what a marvellous gift you have been given with this Oracle. It will spell out names and dates in its true sense and certainty. (beyond possible doubt)

What was the name of the 1st Pharaoh of Lower Egypt?

The Oracle: spelt out: DB888 H7 (Yalarm said it will mean something to us later )

Yalarm: I am here – and the numbers and the letters represent a signature. It means a lot to us – perhaps not you yet because you have not got the dictionary for the signatures – if that makes sense.

You are asked for the name of the first Pharaoh and we took that to mean the first BEING from Venus that came to help enlighten those upon this Earth. And so the number is actually as that Being is known because in the Universe, mathematics and sacred geometry is very much part of a measurement, if you like.

To draw a measurement from one point to another does not mean all that much because there is no beginning or end. And so this is why we use numbers. The numbers we use are not really quite the same numbers that you have in your rotation of numbers. And already members of your different races have ways of expressing different numbers. They have different names – they even have different ways of writing them and so this is why I am holding back a little in answering your question for it does not allow the whole dimension of what the numbering system is – but I can assure you there is a sacred numbering system.

In fact your Jesus, mentioned this in saying, ‘That every hair upon your head is numbered.’ Do you understand?

So it is a little hard for me to explain something that I know you would not be (without being rude) able to get your head around. Only because you have not been exposed to the extraterrestrial number system.

So, the Being that came was this number – it did eventually have a name that fitted and became known to other races that came with spirit – In fact I would like to say it is another aspect of the word Jalarm. (Pronounced Yalarm.)

So I hope you will accept this – and now we should move on if that is all-right; Is there another question?

Jacq: Val is asking about what date was that? … But is that relevant?

Yalarm: Not really because time is not measured in the Cosmic Worlds in the same way it is measured here. So perhaps in linear thinking which does exist here on Earth it does make it difficult to try and put a time on an Event – we do attempt to do this – but understand that your planet has been in different frequencies. It has (been) and was in the 4th Dimension and moved to the 3rd Dimension when Atlantis Fell. It has always been in the 1st, and 2nd and 3rd and 4th Dimensions.

But now you are moving to the 5th Dimension—all this is changing—all this is difficult to talk about in the linear numbering system that exists on your Earth terrestrial understanding. Does that makes sense? (We all said yes.)

It will cause confusion I think if I start to actually lay-out time – because also the time dating that is used upon the Earth is not correct totally – your scientists know this because they disagree.

Jacq: Who was the Pharaoh who united the Upper and the Lower Nile?

Yalarm: Understand this was time after the Ice-Age when the Pharaohs became more earthed and more involved with the human body, more caught up with their own thoughts rather than the bigger picture. Although – many were influenced from their Higher Selves – their Soul Consciousness – their Sun Consciousness – does that make sense? (Yes)

So there are confusion too with those names – even the spelling differs again I hesitate to give names because there are a few that were established upon the ancient Egyptian history – the history at first was a continuation that I have already explained of what existed before the Atlantean Time. And so the Atlantean Time is the true source of the evolvement of Ancient Egypt.

Understand that evolvement of Ancient Egypt happened also in other places around your planet. And so, the questions that are asked could actually influence and show that this was a major influence all around the Earth – such as the Atlanteans, the name Jalarm and the numbers that were given to him, or who he is known as – influence many, many places around the planet before Atlantis Fell.

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