The Past, the Future and the Young: What world will we create?

uffingtonIn response to a question about one of the forms of the Hierarchy as divine on Earth, Jalarm reminds us that imagination is the “Nation of Images”, and that the Divines take form as appropriate to the needs of the time and place.

The Harmony Sisters (and guest) had been discussing good and evil, the nature of the soul, and human behaviour. The patterns of the soul and the signature of the soul also came into discussion. There was reference to the mini Ice Age around the the time of the Fall of Atlantis and how humans retreated to the caves; Jalarm tells that many were practically lawless when they came out into the Sun again. It seems our young people at times, can be practically lawless also.

Many elders (and parents) have concerns about young people and the lives they create – some writing this off as “teenage rebellion”. However, Jalarm reminds us that the times are changing, the 4th Dimension is here, and attention must be paid to the needs of the young people and they should be encourage to pursue a path of their own that creates a correlation with what is happening on our planet. They are our future. Wisdom and knowledge were imparted by the starpeoples in times past, and it is present and waiting to be exercised by young people, tells Jalarm.

Jalarm: So is there something else you would like to ask?

Jacqui: Well I do have another question from Chris. It is about the Hierarchy coming and helping the humans and I am asking if there is a being in the Hierarchy who has a horse head and a human form; is this the one who came to teach the up-standing ape like creature how to make fire?

Jalarm: “This question about image is something I would like all of you to consider yourselves to some degree. You can ask the Oracle if you like. The reason I am hesitating is because imagination is a ‘Nation-of-Images’ and that is what belongs to the World of Light. So there are MANY images – it is innumerous as to the images that exist. The star people who work to help the human to evolve –To understand of who they really are – use images to assist that – but it is not the same for every being on Earth. One has a path – another has a path – each Soul is totally different from the next soul. And so an understanding of an image maybe lost with some and not with others. Do you understand?

And so images have been used to help some understand more of other worlds – and for a question such as the hierarchy with an image of a horse’s head I could readily say “Yes”. But then it would not be accepted by others because they would not understand at all. But Valerie has said about a signature that exist on Earth and everything that has an image on this Earth is the creation, shall we say the pattern, that is needed for it to continue to grow. Everything has an end and a beginning on this planet. This is not the same in other worlds. But on this planet it has a beginning and an end. And so with each signature it also holds a pattern of an image and that continues to grow and to evolve, but it dies back and then it grows again with the same image. Otherwise it would become something else.

So are you understanding?

Group: (said Yes, thank you.)

Jalarm: The image of the white horse, when people, think of it or speak of it, it is poetic, they like it, they smile, so it is one of a beautiful energy – so may I leave you with that.

The White Horse elicits a beautiful energy

Valli: Again, Yalum jumps in and borrows my voice box:

Jalarm: “I am here and it is Yalum – and do you know that right through early times it has been recorded that Plato and some other philosophers worried about their children and what was going to happen in the future and it is still a subject brought up in these times by parents.

People can only be encouraged to be good citizens, good humans if you like, good people and of course from the laws that you have in the land if they misbehave or do things that are dangerous to society, then they are brought to account. So it is that easy for people to just run wild, shall we say. Because I can assure you there was a time, on Earth, when people did live in caves, and they did run wild, and there were no laws. And there were no ways of expected behaviour – they were just left to their own devices. They developed weapons – and they just used them. Without any consideration of hurting one another. This evolved and people did learn and start to move out into the Sun – after the period of the ice age which is what you would call your ancient times now and I am not talking about Atlantean times – (I am talking about now) – from there, many things happened. Religions were created – also language and people divided, some of them, and joined together and became different countries. They became different races – they interacted with some of them and so more races came.

So if you look at the big picture they have evolved – humanity has evolved – and we talked earlier about the indigenous races – or at least Sai Baba talked about the Indigenous races and they were readily evolved in that they were connecting to the aspect of themselves who are star people and so they had that extra consciousness and they knew how to telepathically communicate with each other – so they were quite evolved – in the beginning and aeons of time later.

They went through that change that was the recent ice age and came out still very evolved. They didn’t have the problems of ice and snow that existed elsewhere.

The Rainbow Children will not have the problems of earlier times…

(interruption with recording and phone went off ~ first time that has happened when we are working with “upstairs”!)

(we asked if it was alright to take a photo of the harmony sisters working The Oracle)

Oracle said NO

Jalarm: It is I Yalum, what I was worried about in ancient times was how the younger people worried the older people in their behaviour, etc. Understand of course, that young people bring in new energy and new ways of thinking and this can be inter-acted with old ways and so it finds a better balance. As life goes on and as centuries go on.

And so, now, there is still concern abut the young and their behaviour and this is understandable because a lot of the behaviour is not acceptable. However, they do come in with new ideas and new ways of thinking; so I would encourage the older – the elders – to listen to the young and ask why it is that they want to break away from and change things. Because they are not happy – and from that point they can be guided to actually living a life and making changes where there is help to many people and helpful to younger people who will be coming up behind them. That sort of thing.

Jalarm tells: take time to listen to young people …

And also with the different levels of light that I have spoken about before – it carries different consciousness and you all know that you are moving into a higher level of consciousness and once you get to a certain level of consciousness then the influence and the knowledge and the wisdom that is sitting there waiting to be exercised into the consciousness is coming from the knowledge that has been inherited from the starpeople that helped create the human in the first place.

From that point of view, they will be able to speak telepathically – they do to some degree even now. But psychic abilities will be developed more – their sixth sense will develop so that they will be able to handle many things much easier and even develop the abilities to manifest what they need. And so the money issues would go away – but that will be some time off.

Are you understanding. And so I will take my leave – the day has ended now and I thank you for the interaction that has taken place – it has been my pleasure to have been here. Thank you my children, thank you.

A New World is coming; what place will young people have?

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