Oracle continued … 1st February, 2013

“I am Yalum – there is a little confusion – but it is alright because with confusion I can help clarify – and it gives a bigger picture. For you are asking questions that LIMIT the answers I wish to give you. And you are quite correct in that sometimes the questions are a little difficult to answer clearly. You understand that now and that is good.

DSCN0108Sanat Kumara from Venus & Lady Venus (unknown artist) – members of the Hierarchy.

You are asking about the people of Venus and that is good. Yes there are beings that live on Venus but of course your physical eye from where you look upon it now – it is not visible. But in another frequency it is. And so I think this is enough for you to understand – if I start saying about frequencies and the different levels of consciousness and different levels of understanding how people live in different worlds it could go into the thousands. I think for the time being it is enough for you to know that there are Beings of Light – and understand the word LIGHT – for Light gives you the different frequencies and there is a lower light, that you can still see and also there is a very bright Light that you cannot see either for it is too bright. So are you understanding about different frequencies? You talk about Divine Light because Divine Light is what gives you LIFE and so whatever energy exist in LIGHT it is LIFE. It is the opposite to the darkness – there is no judgment here – it is just that Light is needed for the assistance of Life. Although there is some Life that can survive in the darkness but it is still infiltrated with Light coming through an Earth for instance that is on a planet.

There are many scientific reasons that could be explained as to how life can exist on a planet such as Venus. But it is not coming from a place that you see it. It is coming from a different place. In actual fact it is a beautiful place … it is place very similar to your Earth as you see it … in your 3rd/4th Dimension. From our point of view when we look at your planet it is a 3rd/4th Dimension and that is how we have always seen it. It Fell into the 3rd Dimension and is now rising into the 4th Dimension … more information and more knowledge will be seen by the Earth-man’s eyes – but it has always been there. So it is a little hard to answer a question and clarify it on the Oracle. So is there something you would like to ask now about the people of Venus.”

Jacqui: Are they peaceful people or are they warlike?

Jalarm: “No … they are peaceful people – they are actually the people who will help to bring Light or the Golden Age that will exist in the whole of your Solar System.

They have come from other worlds — even outside your galaxy. They are here to lift the consciousness and to assist what has been taking place. They are trying to soften people in their thoughts and their way of behaviour so that they honour each other and respect one another and truly understand about the Source of All Creation. And the Love that is so readily flowing from them and there. (Venus)

It can infiltrate anyone that likes to reach out – and open up to it – but as I have said this frequency — The Light — a different frequency for some and too bright for others and so there is a certain level that you can reach in your Earth body and in a Light body – even Light Beings can be limited as to how bright the Light can shine within them. Does this make sense to you?

(Jacqui said yes.)

So we have told you about the Beings of Light, the Star People, that were on this Earth – they have lowered their Light to some degree to be able to create a civilization upon this Earth as it was in the 4th/5th Dimension and now this Earth is rising back to the 4/5th Dimension and on to the 5th Dimension which what we will call the Golden Age. It is more like the Star people who came from Venus—and still do come from Venus—and the culture and the understanding and the love that they have for all people – they are God People, they understand the Source.

They have influenced the Earth Beings upon this planet and before Atlantis Fell there was much given and taught to the peoples upon this Earth – and as I have said they did inter-act. There is a story about the Angels mating with the earth-women – it wasn’t that simple – in fact there was inter-action between both male and female and it is true the children were lowered and even the ones that mated were lowered in their Light – but they do raise their Light to some degree from what they were as up-standing ape –like creatures. They reached out past that genetic structure and helped one another. This is really where the story or the analogy of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and being told not to ‘eat the apple’ because they were beings that do have the Reptillian /Reptoid energy in then and when they mated with them it automatically reduced the Light that was in the Star Beings and also the children to some degree.

But then on the other hand the children born from the Earth Mothers shall we say – actually increased in their knowledge and their Light and were able to understand much more complicated information. So for the moment I hope you can accept that there were Star People upon this earth before Atlantis Fell.

I have already said that the Ice Age came upon the Planet before Atlantis Fell completely in a Day and a Night. I would like you to ask a question from the Oracle?”

(More work with the Oracle – there was another planet in our solar system they called ON.  The Oracle also told us that people did come from Mars when it became un-liveable at another time.  The people came from the planet Venus by choice and that there are still people on Venus in Light Bodies in a different dimension – they do not eat food as we understand food.)

4th talk with Jalarm

He came with a loud entrance – made us laugh but gave us a shock.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you – I thought I would have a little joke. (we were still laughing)

You asked about two moons and yes they did exist. Two moons were around for a while but not for very long because they were an experiment. There were others on this planet that were coming from scientific knowledge and they worried all the time whether it was safe … whether it was safely anchored—and this was the problem—it was not and so it eventually broke free from the same journey as the moon (the one that you still see) was making around the Earth.
The other broke free and HIT the Earth.

I want to reassure everybody that there is not going to be another asteroid allowed to hit this planet.

So you can put your minds at rest about this. But it was the reason that the whole of the Planet was thrown into utter disarray. So we can talk about this more because I want you to understand that there was an Ice Age (slightly) coming before the second moon broke free. But we can talk about this more later.

Thank you so much for being part of this little journey to recall what took place on this Earth before Atlantis Fell. Thank you.

End of meeting, 1st February 2013

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