Journey of the Soul; Names and Forms; Planetary Healing;

AngelWe have all emerged from the Source of All, and when we take up our bodies, we form a relation with that whom we feel the strongest connection – to the All, to Boundless Love, to that name and form we feel affinity for. Now is the time for Planetary Healing, now is the time to understand and experience, All is ONE. Read on as Jalarm unfolds the journey of the Soul.

Jacqui: Said she felt like she was butting in asking about souls residing in the constellation of Pleiades, instead of taking up the opportunity offered by Jalarm (pronounced Yalum).

Valli: added that when that particular question was asked of Yalum – while he was answering – she (Valerie) had immediately seen lots of Souls connected to that story from the Pleiades. They seemed to go out as aspects to join with Planetary Beings from other places.

Jacqui: said she had met a famous person’s wife at a dinner and she was delighted to find that she was open to talking about White Eagle and other like-minded matters.

Valli: said she had always thought that White Eagle was another aspect of Sai Baba. Perhaps a different level of frequency – but the same energy. But, let’s ask The Oracle.

The Oracle took off by itself and then we asked; it made it clear that Yalum wanted to speak through Valerie. (The glass moved almost before we put our hands on it – in fact Valerie hadn’t put her hand on it.)

Jalarm: It is Yalum, and yes it is my dear. There are a string of different Beings that have been named from Sai Baba. He did say that he was all names and All forms – and so if you think of it like a bigger picture you will know that he is overviewing everything that is taking place upon this Earth, your galaxy and your universe – which is the reason that Sai Baba is much, much more than what it would seem to many. Sai means Mother; Baba means Father; and I will say it means Mother-Father God and that is the energy that you connect to everytime you sit here at your sanctified Oracle.

reach a point of light

“L-R: Ramana Maharshi, Archangel Mikael, White Eagle, Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus (who is also Archangel Maria), Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene”

But getting back to your question, “Is White Eagle connected to Sai Baba?” … I would say YES. Very much so. And so My Dear you have connection to this energy – the same as Valerie has and the same as Jill has – and so many others that connect to me as Sai Baba – in the way that I want them to connect. For different paths mean many different things to many different people and so many have written a contract to come on Earth and help raise the consciousness for the people that follow a certain path … Or another path … Or similar paths!!! Either way you are all Light Workers and you are doing the work beautifully and I thank you for that. Thank you My Children, Thank you.

(He left again.)

We chatted among ourselves about different questions and then Jalarm made it clear with the wine glass going around in tight circles, that he wished to speak through Valerie again.

Jalarm: I would like to just talk to you on the matter of the meditation that you are going to hold on the full moon at Satori Springs in Canyonleigh; you will be meditating with focus on Planetary Healing. I would like the three of you to sit quietly – not together – and come up with the different aspects that you would like to focus on for that mediation … then … pool your ideas … if that is alright.

It is important that you start trusting the information that I send to you – I will send different information to each of you. Does that make some sense?

(They agreed)

I have already sent the focus of Fukushima upon Valerie’s mind and she has picked it up – along with promptings from others including Chris whom you know and the WATER very much so – the earth’s water needs healing.

Chart showing the extent of radiation from Fukushima disaster

“Radiation from Fukushima flowing into the Pacific Basin;
Jalarm tells that ALL WATER on this planet needs cleansing … “

It is losing its energy field of Light and Love, and this needs to be raised so a focus on WATER – ALL WATER upon the Earth, this planet, is important.

And of course that, in a secondary sense, although it is not meant to be a separation, is also the water that exists in every form of life that has fluid in its body – this needs to be cleared as well. Does that make sense?

(We all agreed)

And so I will help you – and I would like you to communicate with each other before the 16th January if that is alright?

Group discussion and Question: We are going to ask if Jalarm has anything else he wanted to speak with us about – he suggested that when he first came into the meeting.

Jalarm: I am here and you are wondering if there is anything I would like to say in particular because I did introduce myself in this way.

In actual fact we have said a lot more than you realise; It is not always spelled out in words – or in language – but in the reaction as it happens! You will see; it is not something you say like “just happen to be” … In fact we are always helping you to come to understand. We advise in different ways – and it is not always by language.

Everything is energy – I would like you to think about that. Everything is Energy.

And there is different frequencies of energy and so if you think about energy you could go on to think it can take a form – which is what happens in the world of Light. And then from all forms there to – create life and from the life, a story – and from the story – enlightenment – and from enlightenment it goes back to energy and from the Source. So it is ONE HUGE CYCLE, that is happening upon this world of life – from this planet, if you like, this galaxy, this Universe. And other Universes where there is form and life.

When you refer to darkness – we talk about the form that is altogether and One.

This is the mystery and there needs to be talk about this mystery. There is a balance between the two. However, I have not come to lecture, I have come to say thank you, My Dears – All of you – I sincerely thank you for the work you do and the commitment that you have given to this circle. I thank you My Dears and I will look forward to our next meeting. Because Valerie is beginning to wonder if this is the last – I can assure her that it is not.

Thank you , thank you, thank you.

Valerie is the one channelling and remarks (with a laugh) I cannot think anything without Jalarm telling everybody what I think!

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