Measuring time, and the so-called “Junk” DNA

We were wondering how the starpeople measured time????
Yalarm made it clear he wanted to channel through Valerie.

Yalarm: The time is 500,000 years ago BUT our measurement of time is different from what the Scientists say here on Earth. And so you need to ask the Oracle “How long in Earth time” was it that the Nords came (or the Arcturians) to Earth?
(We were told that flowing from the channelling and the Oracle it was allowing us to learn and understand in a different way and that was what they wanted us to do.)

Yalarm: For the moment you are asking and we say 500,000 our time – and how did we get here … I am saying – and I am now connecting to the early Atlanteans that came here … They were sent by The Hierarchy – they were sent by the Hierarchy to set up civilizations upon the Earth to help the little earthling. The little earthling was evolving but they needed help from the Starpeople. And that is who we are, ‘The Starpeople”.

It is important that you understand that … the Starpeople or the Atlanteans did not have Earth bodies they had Light Bodies – in other words they were not made from the influence of the up-standing ape-like creature. It was genetic engineering that uplifted the ape-like creature in the first place to be en-Christed to become the Hu-man.

So going back to the Nords and the very, very white looking people – there was a shade of blue about them – and they were very loving – compassionate – they were not supposed to inter-act with the Earth people – but some did – and more and more children were created from them – which made it difficult for me to answer your question as to “How many were on the earth that were starpeople“. Does that make sense?

(All agreed)

We were sent, as I said, to assist the little earthling and because they actually became our brothers and sisters – because they went on to be a creation of the Arcturians and the Earth people.

Aside from the Nords –there were also the Hathors – that were very similar to the Nordic people. They had similarities – they actually had the base of Arcturians but they were part Earth people as well. And they lived to be able to communicate telepathically – which is why they are drawn on the walls of early Egyptian Temples – with strange looking ears – that was to show that was the way they were communicating. So again … those children who interacted with each other – still inherited the genes in the first place from the starpeople – the Nords – the Blonde people – and some of that Blonde became (it was white to start with) it became slightly golden–blonde if you like. You know that mummies that are still in Egyptian Museums with Blondish hair – or even Ginger hair. (But that is another story again)

So there was a lot of inter-mingling and interaction between pure starpeople – and I say ‘pure’ because I want you to understand the definition of the Earth people as against the Starpeople. There is no doubt that you are brothers and sisters.

However, it was not totally supposed to be that way – also there was encouragement later on for it to happen.

So I am getting a little lost in how to tell you the story – it is a very large story – so do you have any questions?
(no questions!)

There are many mythologies held by different cultures or races around the Earth. For once Atlantis went down it was only the people of Earth that remained. The starpeople moved on and they are the ones who come to try and support and help the Earth people. Does that make sense?


Jacq: A question that I do have – is, how do people of a Light body and people of more of a Earth body have children?

Yalarm: The influence of the children comes from what is described as an ‘immaculate conception.’ There was interaction between the male and the female that was actually ‘heightened’ in ecstasy to help procreation to take place. But what took place was the vibration that broke the egg of the mother and began its transformation into the little embryo. But it was also embedded with the Light that they inherited from the ‘starpeople’, the Light Beings – so does that make sense? In doing that it developed into a more ability from the starpeople, the children had larger heads – they had a brain that scientists now examine and say that part of it is what they call ‘junk’ DNA because they do not readily accept that there was influence from starpeople.
The Starpeoples genes came with Light and vibration. It had form – you will become more aware now that your Earth has raised into a 4th and 5th Dimension. It has more reality there – it has more form – it is actually stronger than what existed in the 3rd dimension. Do you have questions there?

Jacq:: How do you mean stronger?

Yalarm: The power – of the shall we say what happens in different dimensions – you could say the Light becomes stronger the closer you go back to the World of Light and then on to the Creative Source of All – the Light and vibration is so fast – if you were to measure it – or if you could measure it – it is all Power. Nothing can exist in that presence of Creation of All – if it is not of God.

And so when I say there is an increase in Power to all humans upon Earth now – they have automatically intermixed with the starpeoples’ genes that has gone on to develop into the human and who you are now … and that so-called JUNK DNA is starting to flower. It is the strength that is within the brain that will release the power that the starpeople have and you have inherited … but it could not be used until now because the vibration was too low. Does that make sense – It was too slow – it could not operate – it could not calibrate – it is now allowing to ‘flower.’ As I have said …

So more knowledge will come more easily and er, your scientists – your clever people – will be able to do many, many things that in previous times were thought not to be able to do. So is there anything else you would like ask?

(He left)

Jacq:: was wondering – how come more people seem to have more higher vibration that others – or others come here and just seem to cause destruction – is it a Karmic thing?

Valerie speaks: Well Karma means action – the action that you take from the emotion that is actually inside you – that is motivating you – so that if it is a loving compassionate emotion – (it is interesting that the word emotion is motion – you are actually putting it into motion) Some people see the word Karma as a judgement – it is not a judgement, it is action and you are putting into action your emotions of various levels of feelings.

Jacq: I just wonder why everybody cannot get on.

Valerie. I think everybody will – it is just that the emotions exist whether we are in a physical body or not. That is why ghosts can still get angry … We are actually ghosts walking with an Earth body. Our spirit body is like a photocopy of our Earth-body. When it all comes down they tell us ‘Everything is Energy’ so if we work on our selves and help to release the lower dimension – the lower vibrations that are pulling us into a lower emotional reaction – a not caring – or not thinking of people – putting the self first and not worrying about others – others around the world with their energy of wanting Peace and Harmony will eventually infiltrate those people.

It will heal – everything will heal – because there are different energies. Say if we see it as light and dark (not that there is anything wrong with dark) a black and white thing. The Lighter it is and the brighter, compassionate it is … because we have had it explained how the Light from the Source is the strongest … it will just diffuse anything that is heavier and lower. And then everything will come together and operate in one vibration or one Dimension which is where we are going into the Golden Age.

Jill: So the new babies, will help …

We all agreed you can see they know – particularly the really new ones … when they get old enough to speak – they come out with little gems of wisdom. And even before they can talk they reach out and put their little hand on someone that they know is upset and it calms them. It is quite beautiful. Wonderful.

Jacq: said a 2 year old she knew had seen another upset and asked if they needed a ‘cuddle’ (How wonderful) Then we all agreed how lovely it was when you held someone and not say anything – how it seem to lift our spirit. So that energy has a quality (of caring) – and it feels so nice.

So we decided we would never give up … we are getting there. And we should go around hugging everybody.

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