The Original University

earthlightThe ladies of The Mystery School commence working with The Oracle and uncover their roles as teachers in a Universal school, perhaps like an Original University. Where the experience and feeling in this universe becomes our teacher. The ladies of the Mystery School are given tasks to reflect upon and discuss in common. The Source (God) gives a teaching that each and every explanation has to be given, for people think differently, listen differently and imagine differently. Light is reflected in a different manner in all minds. Hence, the need for multiple points of view when teaching and understanding of the life on Earth.

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Challenges and Change: The Source Speaks

questianThe ladies of The Mystery School join together once again to bring forth messages in service of humanity. In this session, the ladies experience both challenge and change. They are challenged when The Oracle stops replying. They follow the well tested guidance of using discrimination and intellect in evaluating and discussing what is happening. We keep in mind that it is a day of chaotic energy, and chaos – whilst feeling very disorienting – can spell change for the better.

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The Origin of the Kaaba, the travels of Jesus of Nazareth

kaabaThe religions of the book, Judaism, Christianity and Islam trace their origins to a common Ancestor, Abraham. A question about the Kaaba at Mecca is brought up, and Ibrahim (the name given in the papers of the Islamic faith) is mentioned. New Caledonia – Scotland in modern languages – is raised, and questions to the Oracle come thick and fast about Jesus in England, Mother Mary in Scotland, and the Tomb of The Prophet at Rozabal (North Kashmir) is referenced by Jalarm.

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The Disappearance of the Mayans, the Akashic Records, the 5th Dimension

kulkulanThe air is thick with higher energies – and the presence of others from other worlds who are observing the Mystery School at work. Discussion turns to the Mayan civilisation and its mysterious disappearance from the face of Earth. The question of animal and human sacrifices is explored. The question of records of events is expanded to a fuller understanding of the Akashic Records and the story of the Soul of the Earth, Bhu-devi or Gaia, as she is known. Jalarm expands on the 5th Dimension.

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